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List of Major Rivers of the World

Principal Rivers of the World

The following table lists the principal rivers of the world including the name, source location, outflow, and approximate length. The Nile is the world’s longest river stretching 6,690 kilometers.

(See Rivers of the United States for other U.S. rivers.)

Approx. length
NileTributaries of Lake Victoria, AfricaMediterranean Sea4,1806,690
AmazonGlacier-fed lakes, PeruAtlantic Ocean3,9126,296
Red Rock
Source of Red Rock, MontanaGulf of Mexico3,7105,970
Chang Jiang (Yangtze)Tibetan plateau, ChinaChina Sea3,6025,797
ObAltai Mts., RussiaGulf of Ob3,4595,567
Huang He (Yellow)Eastern part of Kunlan Mts., West ChinaGulf of Chihli2,9004,667
YeniseiTannu-Ola Mts., western Tuva, RussiaArctic Ocean2,8004,506
ParanáConfluence of Paranaiba and Grande riversRío de la Plata2,7954,498
IrtishAltai Mts., RussiaOb River2,7584,438
Zaire (Congo)Confluence of Lualab and Luapula rivers, CongoAtlantic Ocean2,7164,371
Heilong (Amur)Confluence of Shilka (Russia) and Argun (Manchuria) riversTatar Strait2,7044,352
LenaBaikal Mts., RussiaArctic Ocean2,6524,268
MackenzieHead of Finlay River, British Columbia, CanadaBeaufort Sea
(Arctic Ocean)
NigerGuineaGulf of Guinea2,6004,184
MekongTibetan highlandsSouth China Sea2,5004,023
MississippiLake Itasca, MinnesotaGulf of Mexico2,3483,779
MissouriConfluence of Jefferson, Gallatin, and Madison rivers, MontanaMississippi River2,3153,726
VolgaValdai plateau, RussiaCaspian Sea2,2913,687
MadeiraConfluence of Beni and Maumoré rivers, Bolivia–Brazil boundaryAmazon River2,0123,238
PurusPeruvian AndesAmazon River1,9933,207
São FranciscoSouthwest Minas Gerais, BrazilAtlantic Ocean1,9873,198
YukonJunction of Lewes and Pelly rivers, Yukon Territory, CanadaBering Sea1,9793,185
St. LawrenceLake OntarioGulf of St. Lawrence1,9003,058
Rio GrandeSan Juan Mts., ColoradoGulf of Mexico1,8853,034
BrahmaputraHimalayasGanges River1,8002,897
IndusHimalayasArabian Sea1,8002,897
DanubeBlack Forest, GermanyBlack Sea1,7662,842
EuphratesConfluence of Murat Nehri and Kara Su rivers, TurkeyShatt-al-Arab1,7392,799
DarlingCentral part of Eastern Highlands, AustraliaMurray River1,7022,739
Zambezi11°21’S, 24°22’E, ZambiaMozambique Channel1,7002,736
TocantinsGoiás, BrazilPará River1,6772,699
MurrayAustralian Alps, New South WalesIndian Ocean1,6092,589
NelsonHead of Bow River, western Alberta, CanadaHudson Bay1,6002,575
ParaguayMato Grosso, BrazilParaná River1,5842,549
UralSouthern Ural Mts., RussiaCaspian Sea1,5742,533
GangesHimalayasBay of Bengal1,5572,506
Amu Darya (Oxus)Nicholas Range, Pamir Mts., TurkmenistanAral Sea1,5002,414
JapuráAndes, ColombiaAmazon River1,5002,414
SalweenTibet, south of Kunlun Mts.Gulf of Martaban1,5002,414
ArkansasCentral ColoradoMississippi River1,4592,348
ColoradoGrand County, ColoradoGulf of California1,4502,333
DnieperValdai Hills, RussiaBlack Sea1,4192,284
OhioAlleghenyPotter County, PennsylvaniaMississippi River1,3062,102
IrrawaddyConfluence of Nmai and Mali rivers, northeast BurmaBay of Bengal1,3002,092
OrangeLesothoAtlantic Ocean1,3002,092
OrinocoSerra Parima Mts., VenezuelaAtlantic Ocean1,2812,062
PilcomayoAndes Mts., BoliviaParaguay River1,2421,999
Xi Jiang (Si Kiang)Eastern Yunnan Province, ChinaChina Sea1,2361,989
ColumbiaColumbia Lake, British Columbia, CanadaPacific Ocean1,2321,983
DonTula, RussiaSea of Azov1,2231,968
SungariChina–North Korea boundaryAmur River1,2151,955
SaskatchewanCanadian Rocky Mts.Lake Winnipeg1,2051,939
PeaceStikine Mts., British Columbia, CanadaGreat Slave River1,1951,923
TigrisTaurus Mts., TurkeyShatt-al-Arab1,1801,899

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