Communications in Liberia include the press, radio, television, fixed and mobile telephones, and the Internet. List of Liberia newspapers

Much of Liberia’s communications infrastructure was destroyed or plundered during the two civil wars (1989-1996 and 1999-2003).[1] With low rates of adult literacy and high poverty rates, television and newspaper use is limited, leaving radio as the predominant means of communicating with the public.[2]

Even as it struggles with economic and political constraints, Liberia’s media environment is expanding. The number of registered newspapers and radio stations (many of them community stations) is on the rise despite limited market potential. And politically critical content and investigative pieces do get published or broadcast

List of Liberia newspapers, news sites, and magazines for news and information on sports, entertainments, jobs, education, festivals, tourism, lifestyles, travel, and business.

Liberia newspapers, magazines, and news sites


The main newspapers are:[4]

Defunct newspapers and magazines include:[11]

  • Africa League
  • African Nationalist[12]
  • Africa’s Luminary (est. 1839)
  • Amulet (est. 1839)
  • Daily Listener (est. 1950)
  • Footprints Today (est. 1984)
  • The Friend
  • Independent Weekly
  • Journal of Commerce and Industry
  • Liberia and West Africa (ceased in 1932)
  • Liberia Herald (est. 1826)[13]
  • Liberian Age (est. 1946)
  • Liberian Herald
  • Liberian News[12]
  • Liberian Recorder (est. 1897)
  • Liberian Star (est. 1839)
  • Monrovia Observer (est. 1878)
  • Palm Magazine
  • SunTimes
  • Weekly Mirror[12]
  • Whirlwind[12]