List of Kiribati newspapers

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List of Kiribati newspapers, news sites, and magazines covering sports, entertainments, history, jobs, education, festivals, tourism, lifestyles, travel, fashion, business, and more.

Kiribati is a developing island nation consisting in 32 atolls and one raised coral island (Banaba) scattered over some 3.5 million square kilometres in the central Pacific. There is access to national media throughout the country.

There are both state-owned and private newspapers and radio stations. Former President Ieremia Tabai privately owns both a newspaper and a short-range radio station. Locally produced television is in its infancy, and inoperative as of March 2013.

The mass media in Kiribati have consistently been ranked as “free” by Freedom House

This is a list of newspapers in Kiribati.[1][2]

List of newspapers in Kiribati

  • Kiribati Independent: private, fortnightly; circulation 500.
  • Kiribati Times: weekly.
  • Kiribati Voice: weekly, close to Teburoro Tito.
  • The Kiribati Newstar: private, weekly, owned by Ieremia Tabai.
  • Tarakai: weekly, owned by the Fishermen’s Association.
  • Te Mauri: weekly, religious (Protestant, KUC)

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