This is a list of all packages offered by GOtv in Kenya and their respective prices as of 2019. GOtv is a low-cost digital pay-TV operated by Multichoice that was launched back in 2011. They offer a wide variety of channels i.e movies, music, children,  news and sports which have continuously kept them ahead of their competitors. All you need to access GOtv services is a GOtv decoder and a GOtenna. As of 2019, a GOtv Decoder and a GOtenna retail at Ksh 2,799 while the decoder alone costs Ksh 1999.

They have 6 packages; GOtv Lite Monthly, GOtv Value, GOtv Lite Quarterly, GOtv Plus, GOtv Lite (Annual) and GOtv Max. GOtv lite guarantees you access to 17 channels at a monthly fee of Ksh 260, GOtv Value gives you access to 23 channels at a monthly fee of Ksh 499, GOtv Plus offers 40 channels at Ksh 749 per month while GOtv Max has access to 49 local and international channels for Ksh 1,299 per month. For GOtv Lite Quarterly and GOtv Lite (Annual), you will pay Ksh 590 and Ksh 1,500 respectively.

Below is a simplified table with all the GOtv Packages and Prices in Kenya as of 2019.

 ​​ Package​​ Price​​​​ No of Channels
​​ GOtv lite Monthly​​ ​​ 260​​ 17
​​ GOtv Lite Quarterly​​ ​​ 590​​ 17
​​ GOtv Annual​​ ​​ 1,500​​ 17
​​ GOtv Value Monthly​​ 499​​ 23
​​ GOtv Plus Monthly​​ 749​​ 40
​​ GOtv Max Monthly​​ 1,299​​ 49