List of Belarus Newspapers Online

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List of Belarus newspapers and news sites featuring sports, entertainments, jobs, education, tourism, lifestyles, movies, travel, business, and more.

In Belarus, there are both privately held and state-owned newspapers.

Below is a list of newspapers published in Belarus. These newspapers are published in Minsk, unless otherwise noted.

Belarusian-language newspapers

Russian-language newspapers

English-language newspapers and news sites

  • Belapan – English EditionFeaturing news, politics, economy, society, culture, sports, and much more.
  • Belarus TodayEnglish-language newspaper in Belarus. The newspaper contains articles about politics, entertainment, jobs, health, sports, education, and more.

Belarusian language[edit]

Russian language[edit]

Bilingual newspapers

News agencies in Belarus

Belarusian language

Russian language

Bilingual newspapers

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