List of Aviation colleges in Kenya (fees structure included)

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Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a pilot? Or have you just cleared your KCSE and are looking for a course to pursue? I know at some point in life, you might have dreamed of being a pilot or even part of the cabin crew. Maybe your dream should not just die without being actualised. Or perhaps you might be looking for a college for your sibling, child or friend to study in. It may also be that you are looking for information, then look no further. Today’s article seeks to address the various aviation colleges in Kenya as well as their fees structure.

List of Aviation colleges in Kenya

  1. Nairobi Aviation college
  2. Kenya school of flying
  3. Epic Aviation college
  4. Kenya Aeronautical college
  5. East Africa School of Aviation

Let’s now delve into details below:

  1. Nairobi Aviation Colleges in Kenya

This college has been in existence for more than 20 years, offering a wide range of courses which are certified by various institutions. KASNEB accredits some of their classes, KNECK, ICM as well as International Air Transport Association (IATA). Moreover, the school has two major branches, one in Mombasa and another one in Kisumu.

Due to the tremendous growth that this college has been experiencing over the past few years, the college is set to upgrade to a University. This upgrade also comes with a change of name to Africa Aviation University.

Aviation Courses offered at Nairobi aviation school

  1. School of Aeronautical Engineering – in this school, the college offers a Diploma in Aeronautical Engineering. To undertake this diploma, one needs to have a minimum qualification of C-. The period to complete this course is three years.
  2. School of Aircraft Operations – This school has various courses offered in it. These courses include:
  • Air Cargo introductory – provided in both Diploma for 18 months and a certificate for six months and its examined by International Air Transport Association (IATA)
  • Diploma in Cargo Rating – also examined by IATA for six months
  • Air operations – is offered at both certificate level for six months and diploma level for 18 months and its examined by IATA.
  • Certificate in Air passenger handling which takes six months to complete and its also examined by IATA
  • Dangerous Goods and Regulations(initial stage) document which, unlike the others, takes only four months to complete.

3. The last school concerning aviation is the school of clearing and forwarding.

This school has four main courses all offered at the diploma level. They include

  • Diploma in International Freight Management which takes only 18 months and its examined by Knec
  • Advanced Diploma and Diploma in Shipping Management which is reviewed by the Institute of Commercial Management (ICM)
  • The school also offers Computerized Diploma in Customs, Clearing, and Forwarding over 12 months and examined by ICM.
  • Twelve months for Diploma/ Adv. Diploma in Maritime Management

How does one go about applying to the Nairobi school of Aviation, and what are the fees charges?

  • One has to make an online application using this link
  • In this application, you will be required to upload your KCSE certificate and a passport photo.
  • Moreover, the school has a May intake, so hit the button above and make that application
  • The school has various modes of paying fees. One could either use a bankers cheque or deposit to the school’s bank account.

2. Kenya School of Flying – Aviation colleges in Kenya

This school is fully equipped with training professional pilots in Kenya.  The school has four main flight bases with the headquarters being located at Wilson airport. The other three stations are located at Orly air pack, Malindi as well as Ukunda airstrip. It’s worth to note that the school has four main intakes that are in January, April, July, and October.

Minimum requirements for Joining Kenya school of flying

  • One must have attained at least a C+ in English, Mathematics, Geography and either Chemistry, Biology or Physics.
  • 16 years and above
  • At least done five lessons of flight assessment
  • Have been examined by a certified aviation medical examiner and hold a fitness certificate
  • Have copies of ID, KCSE certificate, birth certificate or passport.
  • Written evaluations in psychometric testing, Maths and English

This school offers the following aviation courses in Kenya

  1. Private pilots license

This course takes around 4- 6 months and will involve around 45 flying hours and revision as well as ground school instruction. The fees charged for this course amount to around Ksh 1,014,000. However, this cost is due to change as a result of fluctuation in currency.

2. Commercial pilots license

This is an aviation course offered by the Kenya School of flying. Since its a pilots license, the course takes a slightly longer period that is eight to 12 months. More to the 45 flying hours undertaken in the pilot’s private license course, a student taking this course will do an additional 155 hours flying. The total fees charged by Kenya school of flying for this course is around Ksh. 2,519,480.

3. Initial Instrument or Multi-Engine rating

Among the course discussed above, this course takes the shortest time to complete. A student only has to put six months into this training to be a pro in it. Here a pilot spends a minimum of 20 hours in a simulator and other 20 hours on Twin Seneca. Total fees for Initial instrument or Multi-engine rating course is only Ksh. 1,340,840.

3. Epic Aviation College

In addition to the colleges mentioned above, Epic aviation college is also a top aviation college operating in Kenya. Moreover, this school tops the least of affordable aviation colleges in Kenya. This school started in 2004 and offered various courses in aviation. Epic aviation college offers the following courses:

  • Foundation level in Diploma in cargo handling, which is examined by IATA. Duration for this course is a year.
  • Diploma in flight Operations and dispatch – it takes nine months.
  • Cabin Crew diploma – takes nine months and its examined by IATA
  • Computer Air travels operations diploma – takes 18 months and its also examined by IATA
  • Another course is a diploma in aviation security which runs for 12 months and its examined by IATA

4. Kenya Aeronautical College

This school started in the early 2000s precisely in 2003. This school is among the top aviation colleges in Kenya. Over the years, the school has continued to increase the number of courses offered in it. All applications are made online. Popular courses offered at Kenya aeronautical college are listed below:

  • Avionics – this course is for anyone with interest in the electronic aircraft system. The total fees for taking this course is around Ksh. 162,000.
  • Airframes and engines course –  the fees to take this course are the same as those for avionics. Moreover, the course is for anyone who wants to know about the control and development of airframes.
  • Flight operations – this course will cost slightly cheaper than the first one mentioned. Total fees charged are only Ksh. 125,000.
  • Cabin crew course- total costs is Ksh 85,000. This course familiarises one with the aircraft environment.
  • Flying – Total school fees are around 728,500 with around 47 flying hours. Here one will learn all they need to fly an aircraft.
  • Maintenance and engineering – for anyone who wants practical experience in aircraft maintenance, this is the course for you. The total fees charged by the college is around Ksh. 16,200
  • Ticketing and pricing – here is for pricing and ticketing. The total costs are around Ksh. 8500
  • Flight dispatch – The training here is in aviation weather, aircraft performance and systems, air control and traffic procedures.

5. East Africa School of Aviation

The East Africa School of Aviation is one of the best aviation colleges in Kenya. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) appointed this school to be its training directorate. Moreover, this school is approved by IATA, TVET as an approved training organisation.

This school has the following departments:

  • Aviation Business department
  • Air navigation services and maintenance
  • Curriculum development

Moreover, this school has all the information regarding the various courses offered, the fees structure and the level it is appropriate for in its website.


Despite the massive amount of costs, one has to incur while studying for a course in aviation; it is one of the most rewarding course to undertake. However, the course will require you to be disciplined and dedicate a tremendous amount of time and effort to qualify. Therefore, please stop dreaming and stand up and start acting on your dream.

Don’t fail to reach out in case of anything.

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