List of Approved Technical Training Institutes in Kenya by TVETA

Colleges in Kenya Even though many of us may never admit it, we join college to get the dream job or simply enhance our employability. A recruiter will attach a certain value to you based on your academic qualifications. And different colleges in Kenya are known for having a certain reputation that may affect their graduates in a positive or negative manner when they get into the job market.12 min


Choosing the best colleges in Kenya by employability

So if you are yet to choose a college in Kenya, make sure you compare their track records and know what recruiters think of graduates from certain institutions. If the institution has a bad reputation, it may be difficult to acquire a job after graduating.

Accredited Colleges in Kenya – Registered Colleges in Kenya

If the school is not accredited for that course/programme, do not even think twice. Your qualification may be rendered useless once you graduate and you may have to take supplementary courses in order to get a job anywhere.

What to Consider when Choosing Colleges in Kenya

Here are a number of factors to consider when comparing colleges or universities in Kenya based on the employment rate.

Check The College Statistics

Some Kenyan colleges will actually publish statistics on their employment rate for prospective students to see. You can get this information from the institution or simply by visiting their website. They may not give an employment rate for each programme, but an overall figure will also do.

If you can be able to check the proportion of graduates from a particular school that is in full employment, then this information should help you to make a wise decision on where to study.

College Reputation

Sometimes you may not get any figures on employability rates of Colleges in Kenya. But there’s always the reputation that an institution is well known for. Surprisingly, some of the opinions people have, regarding students of certain colleges in the region, will find their way into the recruiter’s offices.

During your job search, you are likely to come across recruiters with a certain opinion of a candidate even before they present their academic and personal qualifications that make them fit for a job. This is why it’s very important to do your own social research about a college before making an application.

If you attend an institution that is known to produce sharp students in a certain field of study, your employability will certainly increase. So be very keen and listen to other people’s opinion prior to submitting your application.

Internships and Work Experience

There are so many ways to increase your employability and one of the most effective ones is by adding internships and work experience to your CV. Employers will certainly find value in you if you have shown that you can work in other environments even before graduating. Most universities or colleges in Kenya will give their students enough time to gain professional experience before they graduate. Do not waste this precious time going on holidays. Make sure you look for a position in a company where you will acquire useful skills to make you more employable.

Choosing the Best Colleges in Kenya Based on Employability is simply not enough. Skills acquired will come a long way in your entry to the job market and throughout your career life. While many employers would always allow recruits at entry level to acquire vital skills while on the job, others would recruit based on experience.

Some Kenyan colleges are known to nurture their students to ensure that they are always ready to face the job market. For this reason, most employers would prefer students from these institutions as they are already groomed. It is also in the best interest of the student to acquire these vital skills while still at college. Therefore when making a choice, ensure you choose the best colleges in Kenya that goes a step further to groom students for the job market.

Public Colleges in Kenya

Public colleges in Kenya are tertiary institutions of learning that are funded by the government of Kenya. Public colleges in Kenya offer certificate, diploma, higher diploma and in some instances, degree courses.

The courses range in the time frame from short courses of 1 week to 3 and 4 yr programmes. Some of the Public colleges in Kenya have different campuses and are large enough to be divided into different schools while others are specialty colleges offering only a particular course or field.

Top Best Colleges In Kenya.

Utalii College

Utailii College is best known for producing the best hotel managers as well as tour guides. If you want to pursue a diploma or certificate course in hospitality, this is the college to join.

Kenya Institute of Management

Kenya Institute of Management (KIM) is the center of Excellency. This is one of the few colleges which train individuals business courses, monitoring and evaluation courses, and leadership courses. You can also pursue KASNEB courses here.

Technical University of Kenya

If you want the best training for engineering and GIS courses, Technical University of Kenya is the place to Be. This College ever since has produced top cream in areas to do with engineering and remote sensing.

With a C-, you will be allowed to pursue a trending course at TUK.

Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC)

If you love journalism and media studies, Kenya Institute of Mass Communication (KIMC) is the college you should think of first. You will be surprised that most journalists in the country went through this college.

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies

Nairobi Institute of Business Studies offers competitive diploma and certificate courses, mostly business related. Even if you scored a D in KCSE, you won’t miss a good course at this college.

Kenya School of Monetary Studies

If you are serious you want to join top banks, including Central Bank of Kenya, you should join Kenya School of Monetary Studies. Imagine with a C plain you can be allowed to pursue a marketable business related course.

Teachers Training Colleges

If you want to become a P1 teacher, simply join a government teachers’ training college.

Teaching is ideal for people who scored C- and below.

Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC)

Kenya Medical Training College is good for people who want to be nurses, doctors, and health-related careers.KMTC is the best in East and Central Africa when it comes to training nurses.

KASNEB courses

If you are not prepared to join colleges, you can register for KASNEB courses, which include CIFA, CFP, CS, ATD, ATC, and CICT. These courses are more marketable than most diploma courses.

Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA)

You can also join the Kenya School of Revenue Administration (KESRA), which was incorporated by KRA. At this school, you are required to pursue certificates and diploma courses related to taxation. These courses are important for people who want to work at KRA or audit firms.

East African School of Aviation

East African School of Aviation is the best for training cabin crew/air hostess and pilots. This is the best college to join if you intend to pursue aviation related courses.

Computer Colleges in Kenya

Kenyaplex Institute of Technology, Mwala
Aptech Computer Education Nairobi, Nairobi
+254 786574026
Digital Space Computer College, Ol Kalou

Eastgulf College, Sultan Hamud
(+254) 792 297 102

Frabercom Training College, Nairobi
0720 145998
Daylight Computer Training College, Wamunyu
0726 906696Kitui Institute of Business and Computer Studies, Kitui
0728 963161
Rumuruti Driving School and Computer College, Rumuruti
Busia Institute of Management and Technology, Busia
0711 594167
Dykaan College, Kiambu
0720 160640
Malava College Of Computers Studies, Malava
0702 124005
Karatina Institute of Technology, Karatina
Elite Institute of Information and Communication Technology, Eldoret
0726 290 719
Eastech Computer College, Kikima
eastechcompcollege@gmail.comThe Aberdare College of Management, Karatina
0723 901783
Spring Hill College of Business and Technology, Nairobi
The New Dimension College, Nairobi
+254 723 893466
ESAM ICT Centre, Ngong
0705 099069
Liberty Library and Computers Mwea, Mwea
Trans-Ian Computer and Secretarial College, Machakos
0737 499451
Kenya Institute of Software Engineering, Thika
+254 713 810 752 , +254 732 609 809
Zenith Computer Learning Centre, Kiambu
(+254) 0722 319234
Green Households Initiatives GHI Computer College, Masii
0706 951397
Sunstar College, Wangige
Kenya Variety College, Kiambu
Karnskill College, Dandora
Data To Information College, Eldoret
+254 724 629986

Chemi Systems Training Centre, Kiambu
Associated Institute of Technology, Thika
Aptech Computer Education Mombasa, Mombasa

Where can I study computer science in Kenya

  • Strathmore University.
  • United States International University Africa ( USIU )
  • Nairobi University.
  • Maseno University.

1. Kabete Polytechnic Training College

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Kabete Polytechnic Training College is located along waiyaki way adjacent to N-town past Kangemi.

For further information please visit: Kabete Polytechnic Training College

2. Co-operative College of Kenya

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Co-operative College of Kenya Campus is located at Karen in Nairobi County.

For more information please visit: Co-operative College of Kenya

3. Nkabune Technical Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Nkabune Technical Training Institute is a Government maintained institution located in Meru county four kilometers from Meru town, The institute offers technical, industrial, vocational and entrepreneurship training aimed at producing skilled manpower that fit in the dynamic Kenyan economy and the world at large.

For more information please visit: Nkabune Technical Training Institute

4. Nairobi technical institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Nairobi technical institute was officially started in 1951 as a Modern ‘High School’ only catering for Asian community residents in the neighborhood. Though a secondary school, the curriculum offered at the time had a bias towards the inculcation of vocational skills which encompassed Mechanical Engineering and Carpentry & Joinery.

For more information please visit: Nairobi technical institute

5. Mombasa Technical Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

MTTI is a tertiary level training institution established by the Government of Kenya, under the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology. Training of students for award of craft, trade, and diploma certificates through syllabi developed by and examinations set and graded by Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) and Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examinations Board (KASNEB).

For more information please visit: Mombasa Technical Training Institute

6. Moi Institute of Technology

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Moi Institute of Technology is a technical college located at Rongo in Migori County, Kenya.

For more information please visit;Moi Institute of Technology

7.  Meru Technical Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Meru Technical Training Institute was established in 1956 by the Meru County to train the youth in various practical skills. The institution’s main mission is to provide TIVET for producing Dependable skilled human resource for commerce and industry.

For more information please visit: Meru Technical Training Institute

8. Rift Valley Technical Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Rift Valley Technical Training Institute was started in 1962 as a technical trade school and was later elevated to a post-secondary Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurial Training (TIVET) institution in 1986, the institution lies on a 40 acre piece of land in a strategic location 2 km from Eldoret- Kaptagat road opposite New KCC in Uasin Gishu County. The specialized courses offered here are on full time and part-time modes facilitated through five admitting departments providing practical instruction in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Institutional Management, Business, Information Communication Technology, and Medical and Applied Sciences.

For more information please visit: Rift Valley Technical Training Institute

9. Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf is a Public Institution started in 1990 as an initiative of The Kenya Society for the Deaf Children. The institution is located off Kabwagi road, Karen in Nairobi County.

For more information please visit: Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf

10. Thika Technical Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Thika Technical Training Institute is one of the best tertiary institutions in Thika Town.
The institute is run by the principal and the deputy principle though there are other important personnel like departmental heads and the support staff. The college remains focused to be the center of excellence in Technical, Vocational and Entrepreneurship training.

For more information please visit: Thika Technical Training Institute

11. Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology is technical institution located at Kisumu in Kisumu County. This institution opened its doors to students in the year 1976 and has since then been offering high-quality training at affordable rates. It offers courses in the fields engineering, business studies, catering, ICT, social studies among others.

For more information please visit: Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology

12. Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development – KISWCD is a Community-focused Development and Training Institution without any Governmental, Religious or political affiliation.KISWCD was initiated in 1997 and incorporated on 22nd June 2000 as a Private Company limited by guarantee.

 For more information please visit:  Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development

13. Kenya Water Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Training for the Water Sector started in 1960 with a unit in the Hydraulic Department of Public Works to train water supply operators. In 1970, the unit was upgraded to a training section under the same Department. When the Water Department was transformed into a fully-fledged Ministry of Water Development in 1974, the training section became the Water Development Staff Training School. In 1985, the Institute became a national water training institution and was henceforth referred to as Kenya Water Institute (KEWI).

For more information please visit: Kenya Water Institute

14. Friends College Kaimosi

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Friends College Kaimosi is a public college located in Western Province of Kenya within the Kaimosi Complex along the Kisumu – Chavakali – Kapsabet – Eldoret road, on a 40-acre piece of land. As early as 1971, East African Yearly Meeting of Friends Church (Quakers), the local community and friends in USA and UK appreciated the value of vocational-oriented education with specific emphasis on Practical Agriculture, Rural Leadership, Small Business Management, and Entrepreneurship Training hence the founding of Friends College Kaimosi (FCK).

 For more information please visit: Friends College Kaimosi

15. Kenya School of Monetary Studies

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

The Kenya School of Monetary Studies was established and registered as a corporate entity under the Companies Act (CAP. 486) Laws of Kenya and Limited by Guarantee in 1997 to build capacity in response to the bank failures in 1980/1990s. The Kenya School of Monetary Studies was registered on April 15, 1997, as a corporate body limited by guarantee under the Companies Act, Chapter 486 of the Laws of Kenya with Central Bank of Kenya as its principal shareholder (99%) and Treasury as the minority shareholder (1%). The School is also registered as a business under the Business Names Act, Chapter 489 as well as with the Ministry of Education as a tertiary education institution offering Diploma and Certificate courses. KSMS is located 8km from the Central Business District on Noordin Road, off Thika Road, in Ruaraka.

For more information please visit;  Kenya School of Monetary Studies

16. Kenya Forestry College

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

In Kenya Forestry College 1970, the advanced course became the current One-year In-service Diploma course in forestry. In 1971, the long course was converted into a two-year Certificate Course in forestry for Forest Assistants. Both the Diploma and Certificate courses run to-date.

For more information please visit: Kenya Forestry College

17. Michuki Technical Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Michuki Technical Training Institute (MTTI) started as a youth training Centre in 1956. The land was donated to the community from the late senior chief Michuki whom the community regarded highly. Between 1978 and 1980, the European Economic Community donated funds towards the construction of Classes, Staff Houses and provision of teaching tools and equipment. In the same year, the school was converted into Michuki Technical high school until 1986 when it was converted to Technical Training Institute.

For more information please visit: Michuki Technical Training Institute

18. Machakos Technical Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Machakos Technical Training Institute is a Government Technical Training Institution, located within Machakos municipality next to National Cereal Produce Board deport off Konza road in Machakos County. It was established in 1958 to provide technical craft skills to those maimed by war. It was then sponsored by the Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind and its local partner Kenya Society for the Blind initially to serve only male trainees who were taught orientation and mobility, braille literacy, handicraft and telephone operation course.

For more information please visit: Machakos Technical Training Institute

19. Kenya Textile Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

The National Industrial Training authority [NITA] is a newly established state corporation [former Directorate of Industrial Training]. It was established under the Industrial Training (Amendment) Act of 2011. Its mandate is to promote the highest standards in the quality and efficiency of Industrial Training in Kenya and ensure an adequate supply of properly trained manpower at all levels in the industry.

For more information please visit; Kenya Textile Training Institute

20. Embu Technical Training Institute

Category: Public Colleges in Kenya

Embu Technical Training Institute is located in Embu county and offers various technical courses. Most of the courses offered are either technical or business related and prepare students to pursue higher education or venture into the job market.

For more information please visit: Embu Technical Training Institute

Colleges in Kenya –  North Rift Region

  1. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology
  2. Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute
  3. Kitale Technical Training Institute
  4. Kaiboi Technical Training Institute

Colleges in Kenya – Nairobi Region

  1. Railway Training Institute
  2.  Technology Development Centre – Athi River
  3. Masaai Technical
  4. North Eastern Province Technical
  5. Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology
  6. Wote Technical Institute
  7. Machakos Technical for the Blind
  8. PC Kinyanjui Technical Institute

Colleges in Kenya: Western Region

  1. Sigalagala Technical Training Institute
  2. Friends Kaimosi Technical Training Institute
  3. Bushiangala Technical Training Institute
  4. Shamberere Technical Training Institute
  5. Kisuva Technical Training Institute
  6. Kisumu Technical Training Institute
  7.  Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology
  8. Keroka Technical Training Institute
  9. Gusii Technical Training Institute
  10. Mawego Technical Training Institute
  11. Siaya Institute of Technology
  12. Bumbe Technical Training Institute
  13. Sangalo Technical Training Institute
  14. Musakasa Technical Training Institute

Colleges in Kenya: Mt. Kenya Region

  1. Kirwa Technical Training Institute
  2. Nyeri Technical Training Institute
  3. Kirinyaga Technical Training Institute
  4. Rwika Technical Training Institute
  5. Mathenge Technical Training Institute
  6. Mitunguu Technical Training Institute
  7. Muranga Technical Training Institute
  8. Mukiria Technical Training Institute

Colleges in Kenya: Coast Region

  1. Coast Institute of Technology

Best, Top Colleges in Kenya

Here is a comprehensive list of Colleges in Kenya their addresses (postal and physical), contacts (telephone and e-mail) and a link to the school’s website.

List of Colleges in Kenya

TVETA CEO indicated that many unaccredited Training Institutes in Kenya have begun admitting students  ahead of the upcoming intake which has prompted the board to begin the process.

Find below a list of of Approved Technical Training Institutes in Kenya

1. Mawego Technical Training Institute
2.Gusii Institute of Technology
3. Kenya Technical Teachers’ College
4. Eldoret Polytechnic Uasin Gishu
5. Ramogi Institute of Advanced Technology Kisumu
6. Bumbe Institute of Technology Busia
7. Siaya Institute of Technology Siaya
8. Sigalagala Technical Training Institute Kakamega
9. Bushiangala Technical Training Institute
10. Shamberere Technical Training Institute Kakamega
11. Kiirua Technical Training Institute Meru
12. Kisumu Polytechnic Kisumu
13. Ol’lessos Technical Training Institute Nandi
14. Jeremiah Nyaga Training Institute Embu
15. Kaiboi Technical Training Institute Nandi
16. Keroka Technical Training Institute Kisii
17. Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology Nakuru
18. Matili Technical Training Institute Bungoma
19. Meru Technical Training Institute Meru
20. Mukiria Technical Training Institute Meru
21. Mathenge Technical Training Institute Nyeri
22. N’kabune Technical Training Institute Meru
23. Coast Institute of Technology Taita Taveta
24. Masai Technical Training Institute Kajiado
25. P.C. Kinyanjui Technical Training Institute Nairobi
26. Nairobi Technical Training Institute Nairobi
27. Katine Technical Training Institute Machakos
28. NEP Technical Training Institute Garissa
29. Kabete Technical Training Institute Nairobi
30. Nyandarua Institute of Science and Technology Nyandarua
31. Rift Valley Technical Training Institute Uasin Gishu
32. Wote Institute of Technology Makueni
33. Sang’alo Institute of Science and Technology Bungoma
34. Kisiwa Technical Training Institute Bungoma
35. Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology Kiambu
36. Mombasa Technical Training Institute Mombasa
37. Kitale Technical Training Institute Trans-Nzoia P
38. Thika Technical Training Institute Kiambu
39. Nyeri Technical Training Institute Nyeri
40. Friends College Kaimosi Vihiga
41. Michuki Technical Training Institute Murang’a
42. Baringo Technical Training Institute Baringo
43. Emining Technical Training Institute Baringo
44. Musakasa Technical Training Institute Bungoma
45. Bureti Technical Training Institute Kericho
46. Sot Technical Training Institute Bomet
47. Aldai Technical Training Institute Nandi
48. Ziwa Technical Training Institute Uasin Gishu
49. Karumo Technical Training Institute Meru
50. Mitunguu Technical Training Institute Meru
51. Bondo Technical Training Institute Siaya
52. Godoma Technical Training Institute Kilifi
53. Mukurweini Technical Training Institute Nyeri
54. Tseikuru Technical Training Institute Mwingi
55. Ekerubo Gietai Technical Training Institute Nyamira
56. Vocational Training Centre for the Blind and Deaf-Sikri Homabay
57. Machakos Technical Institute for the Blind Machakos
58. Karen Technical Training Institute for the Deaf Nairobi
59. St. Joseph’s Technical Institute for the Deaf, Nyang’oma Siaya

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