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List of 10 Things Banned In China that you didn’t know

China is such beautiful country that is known for The Great Wall, rich culture, intelligence, but also it’s no nonense Communist Party who keep all of its citizens on a short leash. When it comes to strict governments, China might top the charts. Don’t believe it? Check out the strange and seemingly harmless things they have banned.


In 2009, just as Facebook was gaining a lot of popularity, China decided it was nothing but trouble and banned it from the country. The ban could be due to riots that broke out, government censorship, or protection of domestic companies. China has its own social media platform that actually has more users than Facebook, but it is highly censored and controlled.


Facebook isn’t the only social networking site than isn’t allowed in the country. The government knocked out Twitter too. Thousands of websites cannot be viewed within the Great Firewall of China, but social media sites like Twitter and Facebook draw special attention from the censorship project operated by the Communist government.


This new app has taken over mobile phones with cute, hilarious, or sometimes straight up bad pictures that only last for a few seconds. However, Chinese people are unable to access this fun and seemingly harmless app. The Chinese government has chosen to keep many Western firms out giving domestic tech companies time to develop their own software, networks, and apps.


If you want to hit up some casinos and try to win big while in China, think again! Beijing outlawed gambling in 1949, and casinos aren’t allowed to operate in China. The only gambling allowed is two state-run lotteries. The laws are so strict even advertising nearby casinos in other countries is forbidden.

“Green Eggs And Ham”

The beloved children’s book by Dr. Seuss is not allowed within the borders of China. In 1965, The People’s Republic of China decided they did not like the book on the account of its portrayal of Marxism. Marxism is an economic and social theory stating that there should be no social classes. The ban was lifted when Dr. Seuss died in 1991.

“Alice in Wonderland”

Another classic piece of children’s literature is banned in China. While Lewis Carroll’s imaginative tale came under criticism in America for the portrayal of drug use and political satire, China doesn’t like the tale because the animals talk. When animals use the human language, it apparently puts animals and humans on the same level, which is obviously disastrous.

The Internet for Military Personnel

In 2010, The Communist Party’s Military Commission came out with a large set of Internet regulations. These strict rules ban online dating or seeking romantic partners, friends, or jobs through online media. Military people cannot go online in a local café, and they cannot open websites, homepages, or blogs. These restrictions were put in place to prevent people from leaking military secrets.

Jasmine Flower

The Chinese Communist Party is worried a dainty little flower could ruin their whole operation. After the “Jasmine Revolution” in Tunisia in 2011, the government has blocked anything to do with the flower. You cannot sell it, hold it, sing about it, or even say it.


There are quite a few famous people that are the opposite of stars in China. The government has a very low tolerance when it comes to supporters of The Tibetan Independence Movement. Harrison Ford and Richard Gere cannot enter the country after they expressed their support for Tibet. Brad Pitt is banned simply for starring in the movie “Seven Years In Tibet.”


After two weeks of great success in China, the movie, “Avatar” was banned because it was becoming too popular and taking away from the successes of domestic films. However, only “Avatar” in 2D is banned, Chinese people can still enjoy the movie in 3D.

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