By Michael Okoth
Tom Wolf’s opinion poll results aside,one thing we need to know is that the old man is definitely on the payroll of the smarter of the two coalitions. In a tight alliance with the rotten media,Wolf is merely being used by Jubilee to psychologically wash the electorate ahead of next year’s general elections.

Instead of dismissing Wolf, ODM should have bought Infotrack long time ago to be conducting parallel but favourable opinion polls with contradictory results to those of Jubilee’s Wolf. Even if this may not change the actual figures much, at least it will help in discrediting both the pollsters (Steadman and Infotrack) in the public eye and invalidating both their monthly findings. That way,the public would lose faith in the pollsters and never trust the opinion polls results,thereby wiping out the psychological impact the same would otherwise have on the common electorate and perhaps help in sending the old researchers themselves into retirement.

Please note that I’m talking about the common electorate-those illiterate and/or uninformed villagers whose eardrums are almost going dysfunctional from the daily mainstream media noises of how “an overwhelming majority of Kenyans want Raila out of politics” and how “an overwhelming majority of Kenyans are planning to vote back Mr.Kenyatta”,and not the lazy know-it-all keyboard revolutionaries-the informed middle class who already know that Wolf and the mainstream media are Jubilee’s political tools.

My friends pollaganda works. Pollaganda can really disorientate uninformed voters and either sway them to the opposite side or at the very worst,just keep them away from the polling stations altogether.

If in doubt,let ODM continue whining as Jubilee swims through the majority ignorance back to power and let’s compare notes on the 10th of August 2017.