Kwame Nkrumah: the Great Pan-Africanist who became President of Two African Countries

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In 1958 When Sekou Toure of Guinea Conakry insisted for an independence from  France and refused to sign a French post-colonial tax agreement that will let the country continue to pay colonial tax to France for a supposed benefits they have received from colonization, the French government ordered home three thousand Frenchmen from the country.

They were asked to take with them, all their possessions and everything that was under French control in the country and destroying all that could not be moved. Among the things that were destroyed across the country were schools, nurseries, buildings of public administrations, important national records and plans, cars, books, and medicines, The gigantic destruction covered also, instruments of research institutes, tractors for agriculture, roads; horses, cows on farms were killed, and stored foods were burned or poisoned.

Guinea, at this period, became so devastated and helpless because no global power (America nor UK) was willing to assist the broken country to recover because of strong alliance these countries have established from the Second World War with France.

Kwame Nkrumah, who at the time was championing, and has become the face of Pan Africanism could not stand in an arm-folding to watch his comrade bear this horror. In solidarity, he offered £10 million of Ghana’s economic reserve to support Guinea in order that the country can survive this turmoil!

For supporting the deviant child who is being punished by his master, Kwame Nkrumah became an enemy to the West. He was since targeted in several efforts to topple over his government.

Finally, in 1966 when a CIA sponsored military coup overthrown Nkrumah’s government, Sekou remembered the great kindness of Nkrumah when his country was in hard times. He called him and said, -Kwame, they did this to you because of me, come to Guinea, your second home and let us governed together.

Nkrumah was finally sworn into office as a Co-President of Guinea in 1967 and held this position till he died in 1972.

RIP The Great Son of Our Land. May Your Spirit Live in us and Guide us to Continue where You Left Off.

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