Kisii Voters are SOLIDLY in ODM, Flooding Eurobond Cash is Welcome- Uhuru TOP Dog Charles Nyachae told

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Kisii Voters are SOLIDLY in ODM, Flooding Eurobond Cash is Welcome- Uhuru TOP Dog Charles Nyachae told

By Justus Atuti
A lot has been said in the media about the purported unity of Omogusii sparked by ODM’S Chris Obure, the embattled former CIC Chair Charles Nyachae, The Kisii Deputy Governor Joash Maangi, the Kitutu Chache MP Mr Jimmy Angwenyi, Hon Onyonka and their friends. The same game is being played in Western Province under Ababu Namwamba and the same is most likely to be played elsewhere say Coast and North Eastern Frontier districts.

In all these cases, they claim that it is the wish of the people that they are singing their tune to. I am yet to know when, where and how these people came up to the people on the grassroots to ask for the way forward and were informed that the voters needed unity towards Jubilee administration.

To the Kisii leadership under Hon Obure and Charles Nyachae. One truth you need to understand. In 2013, the community voted ODM to the last man. Do you think Omogusii is in CORD by mistake? The Gusii people know better than you gauge them that they are in the opposition with ODM/CORD and will stay where they are.

To you Chris Obure, Maangi, Tongi, Angweyi and Onyonka. There is only one year remaining to the next general election. Why did you not come out immediately you were voted in in 2013 to advocate for Omogusii Unity? Why now? Have you just emerged from Mars and realized that now Omogusii needs unity, and that you are the coveted leaders to steer the unity? You tried early in the year to sell to Omogusii the Nyachae briefcase party of FORD PEOPLE, branding it a gusii property, while actually it is a briefcase party used by the Nyandusi family to advance self interest. We rejected the move. We rejected the marketers. We rejected the sellers. We are waiting for you again to bring another vehicle, whatever you will brand it, that you will seek for elections from. We will reject it enmasse..just to let you know.

To Mr Maangi, Tongi and Angwenyi. When you allegedly went to receive brown envelops from William Ruto, you purported to have gone there on behalf of Omogusii, to present interests of Omogusii to him (and I wonder in the Era of devolution what Ruto will offer Omogusii, unless handouts), did you share your brown envelops with omogusii? Did you bring the envelops home to share with egetinge?

Chris Obure. You are wanted by the EACE to answer to the Goldenberg Scandal charges, where the carefully crafted scandal by Kamlesh Pattin, yourself and others led to the taxpayer losing billions of shillings. Are you pretending that Omogusii is not part of the Kenyan taxpayer who lost the billions that you have bought freedom with, day in day out? In the scandal where you are said to have received billions, did you call for the Gusii unity to share the spoils?

Prof. Sam Ongeri. When you were in the docket of the ministry of Education, hundrends of millions of shillings was lost meant for Free Primary Education, funds meant to make education free and affordable to all Kenyans, especially the poor voter. When you were followed, you cried foul and pretended to tell us that it is Omogusii that was a political target, the thing we didn’t buy from you as a community. Did you see reason to unite Omogusii then and share the loot?

Charles Ayako Nyachae. Why do you look at yourself as Gusii, and Gusii as you and your family? How cheap you are in forgeting, my friend, Mr. Gusii, Mr. Mwanyagetinge! We all know the animal that forgets about the emerging danger so easily, Ngiri. How you derive it’s character! I want to remind you that, the same ODM you are trying to castigate actually is reason you became the chair of CIC, the position you performed dismally, until Jubilee actually and basically expunged you from office. Your performance was so unprofessional and a disgrace to the Omogusii you are dancing in purportment of unity.

You served as Kenya’s CIC chair because ODM fought to see you elevated to the position. How easy to forget! We saw Jubilee award you and your family with jobs at the expense of Omogusii. All the positions awarded (and you knew then as you know today and now that it was an unconstitutional action) went to your family and cronies. So. All Gusii has is you and your family? What stopped you then from uniting Omogusii and sharing the positions amicably? Why unity now? Are you uniting Omogusii today so your family can keep on keeping and enjoying the spoils in the name of Omogusii? Your father, Mzee Nyachae rode on Omogusii backs until we were tired and said NO! If you think you are going to ride on us, Omogusii to subdue us as your father did, you are in for a rude shock. You are in a wrong generation.

Charles Ayako Nyachae. Chris Obure.Ogari. Tongi. Onyonka Momoima, etc. What you are crafting in the name of a purposed Gusii unity is actually not for Omogusii, but your own. You are not the kind of men to make decisions and stand tall for Omogusii. You are pure TUMBOCRATS, out to use Omogusii once more for your own gain. We have seen these games before. We are smarter. You are turncoats. You have only joined the flooded market of professional political prostitutes, ready to sell their community to the highest bidder.

For your own information, if it is unity you are seeking for, and if it is genuine, unite us behind ODM, where you found us, and where you will leave us, should you board your own bus. If indeed you respect our community, then you must also respect our political stand that remains unwavering.

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