Kimilili MP aspirant Didymus Barasa has rejected ODM’s direct nomination on grounds that he is firmly in Jubilee.

He was among politicians the party awarded tickets on Monday for the August 8 general election.

NASA co-principal Raila Odinga’s party gave direct nomination to 427 aspirants ranging from governors to MCAs. At least 16 governor aspirants were among them.

But Barasa told the Star on Tuesday that he was surprised to hear that his name was among those of politicians handed the tickets.

“I am solidly in Jubilee. I am surprised that ODM decided to give a non-member direct nomination,” he said.

“When they approached me, I told them that I am in Jubilee. I wonder how they fraudulently registered me?”

He claimed Raila even offered to fund his campaign should be vie under the party.

Barasa said this shows the Orange Party is desperate for aspirants having realised it is unpopular.

“Let them not waste their time. We will face them off at the polls,” the aspirant said.

He said no amount of coercion will make him leave Jubilee for the Opposition.

“I urge the Registrar of Political Parties to ensure fraudulent registrations are erased from the roll,” Barasa said.

The politician said he was ready to be nominated in a fair process by the people of Kimilili.