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How Kikuyu Tribalists Rigged The Elections saying that hii kitu ni yetu forever


I know you’re probably wondering whether your vote counted.
Be not cheated, there were too many interests in this election.
I’ll leak to you the secret as an insider.

Up until now, there is a rigging process which is still on.
I can confidently confirm to you the pure truth: #Ballot2017 has been massively rigged that never before!
Positions affected include President, Governor, MP, Women Rep, Senator, and MCA.
For a fact, I feel sorry for those who have conceded defeat so early.
The places affected depended on the level of interest in those slots and the general inclination of the voters.
This means, in areas where voter inclination towards main contenders were neighboring 40/60 or 50/50 by opinion poll, the result was easily and quickly tilted.

Here is how the plan worked.
All Ghurair had to print excess ballot papers in the neighborhood of 15-20% for all positions.
These would come handy for top up.
There was a team of hackers and data assistants replete equipped, stationed and secured at Bomas of Kenya.
The number was good and the action was to commence towards close of polls.
More important, there was an elaborate script of how the action would be rolled out an a thorough training and going over the script again and again.
One Ezra Chiloba is the guru architect of all this.

Here is how the script was crafted.
There were obvious strongholds: so leave strongholds to the owners, tweaking just a little bit; the results.
Again, in areas o 50/50 or 35/65 and anything between, tilt it in proportionately in favor of the jubilee candidate.
So, a mathematical model was developed, replete with numbers to achieve desired results across ALL 40,800+ polling stations.
The aforementioned underlying factors together with total registered voters per station informed the proportioning of the figures per station.
Overall voter turn out was projected in the neighborhood of 80%.
Everything in place, Mr. Chiloba would handle the system access issue.
The other bit was the POs and ROs, who were definitely NOT part of the Bomas team.
They would be the most significant bit to actualize the elaborate plan by execution.
They had to be trained on what to anticipate an what to do, as execution strategy.
Of course there were too some security personnel and background persons to do the clandestine work of ballot stuffing and de-stuffing, as need would arise.
More importantly, to fool everyone and hoodwink the public: whatever clandestine work going on at Bomas, the mainstream media (TV channels) would be displaying the end result on screens for all to see and get psychologically prepared for the outcome to be anticipated.

Fast forward, action on 08/08! It is afternoon and the vote is still on, although nearing a conclusion since majority Kenyans woke up at dawn to cast their votes early.
Meaning, counting and recording of votes per station is almost started.
At a secured location in Bomas, data assistants are getting busy at work: starting to feed numbers into the KIEMS system, over platforms, ideally, meant for POs to be the ones to use feeding data.
(Do not ask me HOW they gained access or about Msando)
These are the platforms the well trained data assistants are using, on behalf of the POs.
Meaning, every PO can readily and handily see on his/her gadget the FIGURES proposed as filled in on the officer’s platform: to be subsequently reflected on the Forms 34A.
Meaning, the POs are instructed to work from Desired results Backwards!
How do they achieve this in view of the party agents?
Well, two ways.
One, the raid at NASA tallying center was ideally to have the names and contacts of Presidential agents so they could be ‘sorted.’
The other agents at polling stations would be sorted by scheme executors per station.
So the PO would convince them to append their signatures on blank forms. In worse case scenarios, the junior election officers would have to subtly declare undesired ballots cast as ‘spoilt votes.’
This is pretty straight forward.
The more calculating and daring task would be on instances of deficit, where a top up would have to be sneaked in by the standby clandestine team.
In cases where agents cooperated though, the work was smooth.
That means, in jubilee strongholds the script played perfectly without hitches; in any case uncooperative agents could easily be kept out in these locations.
The mathematical ideals reflected on the KIEMS, from Bomas, had to be achieved.

Back home, after the vote, you sat and waited patiently.
Sooner or later, you started seeing results popping across your screens.
You were either jubeelating or frowning at the dwindling prospects of Canaan.
But, wait a minute: did you take time to ponder and ask yourself the ‘source’ of the results flashing across your screen?
Maybe you did, maybe you did not; or you’re among the ‘lucky’ few who KNEW.
Well, by then Mr. Chiloba had craftily, easily and wittily lured the unsuspecting, daft and lazy mainstream media into a Portal and told them: ‘ here is everything you need baes, you don’t need to sweat.’
Our naive and gullible media, having been cheaply threatened earlier was now feasting on free manna, milk and honey by their miserable standards; chartering and yapping at how easy things work, speaking hundred words by the minute.’
Well, they have continued displaying and achieved exactly what it was schemed that they achieve.
Ask yourselves: results were streaming, but did you see any officer at any polling stations live declaring those figures?
Why was media not reporting live from the polling stations or constituency tallying centres?
Why did they settle on a ‘portal’ instead?
For the first time in the history of our elections, there were no direct live result reporting from polling stations by media; not on radio, not on TV.
The gag was deliberate and the scheme worked.
Of course the POs at the stations would have no results to declare by then, there would be no deals reached with agents by then.
In short, what displayed on your screens and continues an abated was a plot to work from Desired results Backwards.

The Law and Court of appeal recent ruling dictated that IEBC officials, POs and ROs, would:
1) declare results as witnessed and signed by ALL agents at the stations
2) scan images of the declared results forms in the presence of ALL agents and observers
3) send the scanned results images and also send the results in text forms over the KIEMS gadget and smart phones respectively, in the presence of ALL agents.
So, when results were streaming on TV, did you see any accompanying projection of scanned images on screens; much as you didn’t see any live result declarations?
You did not! All you saw was figures Mr. Chiloba orchestrated to have you see and believe.
Now you know where the figures were streaming from: Bomas.
Ask yourself: if the results had come from polling stations, how come images of the same streamed results have NOT been scanned and shared with IEBC commission and secretariat until now; because the regulation is plain clear in white and black?!

Well, truth is, even till now the executors have not succeeded in having some agents sign blank forms 34A or forms already filled with false figures.
It is also the same reason some form 34As have not been pinned at polling stations as required by law.
It is no wonder you saw Mr. Chiloba worked up and uncomfortable when he struggled to explain to some interrogator’s that, ‘it isn’t mandatory that ALL agents sign the results declaration forms.
That the PO or RO can override agents who are not willing to COOPERATE.’
Very reckless and dangerous statement, if you ask me!
The main concern is:
WHY would an agent decline to sign a results form?
Your guess is as good as mine on the answer: any agent who has integrity and respect for the election process would not commit his/her signature to what is FAKE!
So, any forms 34A or 34B not signed by agents should, ideally, be first set aside and the agents be contacted to come and testify as to why they declined to put their signatures.
But overruling them and brushing their defiance aside as insignificant is dangerous and means we do NOT take the vote seriously; we are not democratic enough.

Lastly, consider events at the Bomas of Kenya results centre.
Here is the context.
The platforms are set, IEBC officials and staff are seated and observers, political parties members and observer groups are seated.
Mr. Chiloba, himself, addresses the gathering telling: ‘from now on, we’ll start receiving forms 34B (scanned copies).’
Do you read in between the lines?
This is happening 24 hours after the voting process ended.
Here is a process which should have been set up before the vote and flagged off immediately the vote casting ended.
But Mr. Chiloba flags it off one day later! Sinister, right?
How did we get here: well, the same Ezra had earlier threatened that there would never be this set up: when he took a swipe at the High Court and Court of Appeal ruling which reduced IEBC commission and Chairman’s role to merely collating form 34Bs and declaring final Presidential results.
He had intimated, then, and Chairman Wafula Chebukati confirmed that they would be in the background tallying and only come out to declare winner.
I’m pretty sure if NASA had not unearthed the illegal activities which went on in the KIEMS brought it to the fore, they would have followed that part of the script strictly!
The Bomas results centre exercise, is now an attempt to conceal their trails – which I here expose.
In stating that forms 34Bs would now stream in and further confirming that ten had hit the on site recipient computer, Mr. Chiloba is in essence telling that the timing of forms 34B being scanned and sent to secretariat headquarters was choreographed and prearranged.
It wasn’t supposed to be a random haphazard affair in which every RO would submit at their preference – as soon as they were ready.
Question is WHY?
Answer: working on predefined script, from result backwards! So, ROs would simply stream in according to how they had succeeded in having all their POs submit ‘accurately’ filled in 34As.
It was laughable when a certain dumb RO from Bomet, in effort to impress a journalist, opened up telling on why they take too long to send in their scanned forms 34Bs.
He unwittingly and naively told of what tedious task they had of having to ‘verify’ if all the forms 34As had been filled ‘correctly’ and having to make ‘corrections’ to ensure that all the figures ‘match and add up correctly!’
And so, their task is a tedious one: lol.
My friend, the work of an RO at constituency tallying center is to Tally results on forms 34A as scanned and presented by POs over KIEMS and by text and to generate and in turn share out forms 34B over KIEMS, all in the presence of agents!
So, you wonder when and how the ROs and POs agreed to meeting and panel beating results to make sense: there is a script for clandestine work! In short, do not expect anything significantly different at Bomas results verification from what was already displayed on the screens.
Forget not that, even as at today, two days after the vote, thousands of scanned forms 34A are yet to hit the KIEMS platform yet their text results added to the figures streaming on TV more than a day ago; reason owing the technicalities illustrated above.

So, now you know WHY: the figures came streaming so fast on your screens.
You understand why some IEBC officials were armed with ‘Rejected’ rubber stamps and did not hesitate to use it.
You understand why the spoilt vote is the number 3 runner in the presidential poll.
You can tell why the scanned forms 34As and Bs are yet to hit KIEMS platform two days later: when there is obviously no agent on ground at this time to witness and confirm authenticity of what is being sent out.
You understand now why jubilee won all close contests by a 54% mathematical margin.
You know who the mastermind is.
You now, too, appreciate the worth of your vote:
Understanding the significance of the old adage ‘it is not the people who vote but those that count the vote who determine who the winner is!’
So next time, you might as well consider exchanging your vote for mandazi or a packet of unga and milk, but the schemers need it to justify their dirty deadly deals.
The judgment and the decision is yours!

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