Kikuyus taking "chai wa Kenyatta oath" in 1969.

The Kikuyu slave will never change. In 1969 Jomo whipped, stripped, and gave them a hideous oath to support the Kenyatta family and to shun LUO political leadership for ever. In 2008 Uhuru murdered 300 of them but this oath is so debilitating they could not see anything wrong with Uhuru’s brutality. As if that’s not enough, Uhuru’s corrupt government has pushed the price of foodstuffs up to the roof. Yet some Kikuyus are chanting “Uhuru Tena”. Cry, my beloved people of Kikuyu.

PICS: Kikuyus stripped naked, whipped, and forced to take an oath by Jomo in 1969. 300 Kikuyu youths murdered by Uhuru.