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After the Kenyan 2013 election, in the eve of hotly disputed election a team of some international private investigators specialized in ethical hacking and cyber investigations aligned themselves to work with George Oraro law under blessings of Cord leader (Raila Odinga) in releasing the evidence for Supreme Court submissions.

The lead investigator Mr. Rajpal senna a technology activist, cyber investigator and ethical hacker set an office at the leafy uptown to work on evidence to be presented at the supreme court. The team was assisted by Mr. George Nyongesa and some University students in working on evidence submissions.


The duos lead in submission of the electoral dispute evidence in the one of the biggest Presidential poll crisis in Kenya in 2013. After case ended, the lead investigator who was a citizen of France left to Europe on threats to his life. On arriving in France, he was arrested and prosecuted on a case of cyber crime and his role in Kenyan elections.

But before the arrest Mr.Rajpal senna would send a dozen of unpublished and classified top secret of 200 pages on his findings on Kenyan elections and 2017 conspiracies in election in a document titled “confidential”. Three Months later Mr Rajpal senna went to jail in France and George Nyongesa who refused to disclose the information in threat of personal security dislodge the documents which later found themselves in the hands of an Author Babior Newton.

The book titled: The Raila conspiracy: The secrets behind denying him the Kenyan Presidency” is published and will be launched soon. The book has touched on names several leaders from Mount Kenya region as a participant and supreme conduit to the riggings in 2013 and the core in 2017 is something we would to introduce with immense caution.





The book revels circumstance that lead to decision to rig the election against Raila Odinga in 2013 and the secrets behind the curtains which people do not know contrary to the public opinion about the 2013 poll hackings and participation of the former Electoral commissioner members.


The book reveals “the operations 2013 and 2017” election mischief plans against Raila Odinga and the entire NASA team.


The book has been endorsed by former Prime minister of Zimbabwe whose praise is very overwhelming. He said, “African governments owe their nationalities the honour of discarding the colonial-era mentalities that bred bad governance and a backward legacy. Leaders in Africa ought to be tired of mediocrity and self-misrule. The day has come when the child of Africa deserves to face the world without the stigma of a heritage only known for corruption, blood-stained regimes and power-hungry economic pillages. As post-colonial custodians of our people’s politics, we would do better to weep at the tomb of statesmanship. Raila Odinga is a name that is synonymous with the new narrative of clamour for good governance. I know him as a friend of progressive politics and hope in a bright tomorrow. This book attests to his struggles to get there, and those are the struggles of few other likeminded pan-African leaders”.

And Raila Odinga’s spokesman and aide endorsed that: “Few regimes in Africa can boast of leaders who laid their lives down for the sake of accountable leadership. Raila Odinga is one of them. His heartbeat has remained constant, that Kenya deserves a leadership bereft of self-installed kleptomaniac gluttons at the helm of management of public resources. From his many years’ travail towards the birth of a new constitution to his role as a guardian and defender of the rights of  the minority and the vulnerable, Raila cuts across as possessing the fabric of the kind of leader Africa needs today”. The book has also been endorsed by the South African poet and former head of Freedom park Wally Mongane serote, Patrick Lumumba, Boniface Mwangi and Oxford senior Professor in democracy Nicholas cheeeseman.

The book whose serialization is expected to begin in one of the local dailies in Kenya will be available in the bookshops towards the end of this month but people willing to pre-order can buy it at online bookstore: www.scholarfeed.co.ke. The book launched is expected to come after NASA presidential candidate is announced.

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