Sitting L-R .Rev Wanyoike Kamawe,Rev Charles Muhoro,Rev Canon Samuel Nguru,Senior Chief Muhoya,Chief Ignatio Murai ,Chief Njiri Karanja,Chief Josiah Njonjo,Chief Kibathi Gitangu,Mr Harry Thuku,Rev W Njoroge, & Councillor Mbira.Standing L-R.Chief Zedekiah Wambugu,Rev Elijah Gachanja,Chief Chrystom Kihagi,Mr Richard Githae,Mr J F C Kanyua ,Chief Samuel Githu,Chief Stephen Ngigi,Mr Muchohi Gikonyo,MLC,Mr James Gichuru,Mr Magugu Waweru,Mr Parmenas Kiritu and Mr Eliud Mugo.


A list of Home guards who gathered on 27 Jan 1954 to sign and make a declaration condemning the actvities of Mau Mau.

The document appealed to all Kikuyus to come forward immediately with any information they may have about the Mau Mau,stressing that Mau Mau activities were against Kikuyu traditions.

I have also attached a copy of the declaration with their signatures on it .I also captioned the photos with their names. (LEVIN OPIYO)

Tayari these characters were sharing the cake with the colonialists and therefore have had some education somehow bwana Gilbert Mwangi! Of course the colonialists were having the bigger share nahawa mafisi wakiwachiwa makombo


And the plundering of the wealth of Agíkúyú went on until today. They brainwashed us in GHC classes to idolise traitors so that we don’t ask questions. They pushed us to the peripheries so that we can’t participate in the wealth sharing in this country. Na úthamaki no witú (kingdom is ours).

James Gichuru
Mr JFG Kanyua
Senior Chief Muhoya.

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Eliud Mathu
Chief Samuel Githu
Mr Parmenas Kiritu

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Magugu Waweru.
Magugu Waweru.

Initially HThuku was a true fighter-if you recall the 1923 Nairobi uprising-but after his incancellation, he had mellowed down.
Sad that the collaborators/homeguards (ngati in Gikuyu) or their children-Koinange(Mbiyu), Magugu(Kinyanjui), Michuki(Njoroge), Njonjo(Mugane), Muhoho(various including Jomo’s wife, Ngina), etc
Some like Munyua (Waiyaki) who had a liberal strike, always had beef with akina Njonjo esp regarding Kenya’s lack of a clear policy-ambiguity-either for or against apartheid SA. Njonjo, a former student of SA, was for continued cooperation.
No wonder B Kaggia died a dejected man, and Mathenge went into exile!

Kenyan leadership was left in the hands of home guards and chiefs, most of which were traitors to Mau Mau. They were able to gain and acquire a lot of wealth. Therefore they were able to educate their children, who had been occupying political seats.