There are growing fears that a departing ruling Jubilee Coalition cannot stop the inevitable and has started unleashing state terror machinery to coerce, intimidate and blackmail the civilian population so as to remain relevant and retain power by force in the next general elections.

Kenyans are alive to Jubilee unmet pre-election pledges of 2013, and have consequently and unequivocally rejected Jubilee and its overwhelmingly corrupt policies.

The Jubilee Coalition is going broke and wants open violent confrontations, the kind of thing we in ODM have always said we do not want happen. It is a typical of a despotic regime under siege from the people of Kenya. Already, in Kisii, we have lost two innocent lives. We fear for the worst from Jubilee Party, which is nothing but an incineration of the 2007 PNU.

Jubilee is doing advance rehearsals of its 2017 election script of using rigging and violence to remain in power. We expect, like in 2007, live reporting will be banned and that internet/social media may also be shutdown to prevent citizens from inter-communicating.

The notorious DP William Ruto was a key cog in the old violent KANU. We are witnessing the old KANU modus operandi of massive bribery using state resources and unleashing violence against critics ahead of elections.

The most unfortunate detail is that we have a compromised, ineffective and captured police force that is unable to performance of its functions independently in accordance with the Constitution.

We are strongly urging all the security organs namely military, National Intelligence Service and National Police Service to resist and avoid at all cost attempts to engage in partisan politics. Their involvement in politics under the guise of ‘national security’ will be a recipe for disaster as Kenyans have decided they have had enough of this incompetent government.

The constitution bars state security organs from supporting either directly or indirectly any political cause of a party or individual and we expect that state security officials will respect and uphold the constitution ahead of the decisive 2017 general elections.