Kenyans Can Travel More Than 50 Nations Worldwide Without Visa (source wikipedia)

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Visa requirements for Kenyan citizens are administrative entry restrictions by the authorities of other states placed on citizens of Kenya. As of 1 January 2017, Kenyan citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 69 countries and territories, ranking the Kenyan passport 68th in terms of travel freedom (tied with Georgian and Omani passports) according to the Henley visa restrictions index.

Visa requirements map[edit]

  Visa free access
  Visa on arrival
  Electronic visa
  Visa required

Visa requirements[edit]

CountryVisa requirementNotes (excluding departure fees)
 AfghanistanVisa required[2]
 AlbaniaVisa required[3]
 AlgeriaVisa required[4]
 AndorraVisa required[5]
 AngolaVisa required[6]
 Antigua and BarbudaVisa not required[7]1 month
 ArgentinaVisa required[8]
 ArmeniaVisa required[9]
 AustraliaVisa required[10]May apply online (Online Visitor e600 visa).[11]
 AustriaVisa required[12]
 AzerbaijanVisa required[13]
 BahamasVisa not required[14]3 months
 BahraineVisa[15]14 days
 BangladeshVisa required[16]
 BarbadosVisa not required[17]
 BelarusVisa required[18]
 BelgiumVisa required[19]
 BelizeVisa required[20]
 BeninVisa not required[21]90 days[22][23]
 BhutanVisa required[24]
 BoliviaVisa on arrival[25]90 days
 Bosnia and HerzegovinaVisa required[26]
 BotswanaVisa not required[27]90 days
 BrazilVisa required[28]
 BruneiVisa required[29]
 BulgariaVisa required[30]
 Burkina FasoVisa on arrival[31]
 BurundiVisa not required[32]3 months
 CambodiaVisa on arrival[33]
 CameroonVisa required[34]
 CanadaVisa required[35]
 Cape VerdeVisa on arrival[36]
 Central African RepublicVisa required[37]
 ChadVisa required[38]
 ChileVisa required[39]
 ChinaVisa required[40] Hong Kong visa-free for 90 days
 ColombiaVisa required[41]May apply online.[42]
 ComorosVisa on arrival[43]
 Republic of the CongoVisa required[44]
 Democratic Republic of the CongoVisa on arrival[45]
 Costa RicaVisa required[46]
 Côte d’IvoireVisa required[47]
 CroatiaVisa required[48]
 CubaTourist card required[49]Tourist card must be obtained in advance via travel agency, airline or at the embassy.
 CyprusVisa required[50]
 Czech RepublicVisa required[51]
 DenmarkVisa required[52]
 DjiboutiVisa on arrival[53]
 DominicaVisa not required[54]21 days
 Dominican RepublicVisa required[55]
 EcuadorVisa required[56]
 EgyptVisa required[57]
 El SalvadorVisa required[58]
 Equatorial GuineaVisa required[59]
 EritreaVisa required[60]
 EstoniaVisa required[61]
 EthiopiaVisa not required[62]1 year
 FijiVisa not required[63]4 months
 FinlandVisa required[64]
 FranceVisa required[65]
 Gabone-Visa[66][67]Electronic visa holders must arrive via Libreville International Airport.
 GambiaVisa not required[68]90 days; must obtain an entry clearance from the Gambian Immigration prior to travel [69]
 GermanyVisa required[71]
 GhanaVisa not required[72]
 GreeceVisa required[73]
 GrenadaVisa not required[74]
 GuatemalaVisa required[75]
 GuineaVisa required[76]
 Guinea-BissauVisa on arrival[77]90 days
 GuyanaVisa required[78]
 HaitiVisa not required[79]3 months
 HondurasVisa required[80]
 HungaryVisa required[81]
 IcelandVisa required[82]
 Indiae-Visa[83]60 days; e-Visa holders must arrive via 24 designated airports or 3 designated seaports.[84]
 IndonesiaVisa not required[85]30 days
 IranVisa on arrival[86]30 days[87]
 IraqVisa required[88]
 IrelandVisa required[89]
 IsraelVisa required[90]
 ItalyVisa required[91]
 JamaicaVisa not required[92]
 JapanVisa required[93]
 JordanVisa required[94]
 KazakhstanVisa required[95]
 KiribatiVisa not required[96]30 days
 North KoreaVisa required[97]
 South KoreaVisa required[98]
 KuwaitVisa required[99]
 KyrgyzstanVisa required[100]
 LaosVisa on arrival[101]30 days
 LatviaVisa required[102]
 LebanonVisa required[103]In addition to a visa, an approval should be obtained from the Immigration department of the General Directorate of General Security (La Surete Generale).
 LesothoVisa not required[104]90 days
 LiberiaVisa required[105]
 LibyaVisa required[106]
 LiechtensteinVisa required[107]
 LithuaniaVisa required[108]
 LuxembourgVisa required[109]
 MacedoniaVisa required[110]
 MadagascarVisa on arrival[111]90 days
 MalawiVisa not required[112]90 days
 MalaysiaVisa not required[113]30 Days
 MaldivesVisa on arrival[114]30 days
 MaliVisa on arrival[115]
 MaltaVisa required[116]
 Marshall IslandsVisa required[117]
 MauritaniaVisa on arrival[118]Available at Nouakchott–Oumtounsy International Airport.
 MauritiusVisa not required[119]90 days
 MexicoVisa required[120]
 MicronesiaVisa not required[121]30 days
 MoldovaVisa required[122]
 MonacoVisa required[123]
 MongoliaVisa required[124]
 MontenegroVisa required[125]
 MoroccoVisa required[126]
 MozambiqueVisa on arrival[127]30 days[128]
 MyanmarVisa required[129]
 NamibiaVisa not required[130]90 days
 NauruVisa required[131]
   NepalVisa on arrival[132]
 NetherlandsVisa required[133]
 New ZealandVisa required[134]
 NicaraguaVisa required[135]
 NigerVisa required[136]
 NigeriaVisa on arrival[137]
 NorwayVisa required[138]
 OmanVisa required[139]
 PakistanVisa required[140]
 PalauVisa on arrival[141]30 days
 PanamaVisa not required[142]180 days
 Papua New GuineaVisa required[143]
 ParaguayVisa required[144]
 PeruVisa required[145]
 PhilippinesVisa not required[146]30 days
 PolandVisa required[147]
 PortugalVisa required[148]
 RomaniaVisa required[150]
 RussiaVisa required[151]
 RwandaVisa not required[152]6 months
 Saint Kitts and NevisVisa not required[153]
 Saint LuciaVisa on arrival[154]6 weeks
 Saint Vincent and the GrenadinesVisa not required[155]1 month
 SamoaEntry Permit on arrival[156]60 days
 San MarinoVisa required[157]
 São Tomé and PríncipeeVisa[158]Visa is obtained online.[159]
 Saudi ArabiaVisa required[160]
 SenegalVisa not required[161]90 days
 SerbiaVisa required[162]Visa free for a maximum stay of 90 days for valid visa holders or residents of the European Union member states and the United States.
 SeychellesVisitor’s Permit on arrival[163]3 months
 Sierra LeoneVisa on arrival[164]
 SingaporeVisa not required[165]30 Days
 SlovakiaVisa required[166]
 SloveniaVisa required[167]
 Solomon IslandsVisa required[168]
 SomaliaVisa required[169]Visa on arrival for 30 days, provided an invitation letter issued by the sponsor has been submitted
to the Airport Immigration Department at least 2 days before arrival.
 South AfricaVisa required[170]
 South SudanVisa on arrival[171]
 SpainVisa required[172]
 Sri LankaElectronic Travel Authorization[173]30 days
 SudanVisa on arrival[174]
 SurinameVisa required[175]
 SwazilandVisa not required[176]30 days
 SwedenVisa required[177]
  SwitzerlandVisa required[178]
 SyriaVisa required[179]
 TajikistanVisa required[180]
 TanzaniaVisa not required[181]90 days
 ThailandVisa required[182]
 Timor-LesteVisa on arrival[183]30 days
 TogoVisa on arrival[184]7 days
 TongaVisa required[185]
 Trinidad and TobagoVisa not required[186]
 TunisiaVisa required[187]
 TurkeyVisa required[188]
 TurkmenistanVisa required[189]
 TuvaluVisa on arrival[190]1 month
 UgandaVisa not required[191]
 UkraineVisa required[192]
 United Arab EmiratesVisa required[193]
 United KingdomVisa required[194]
 United StatesVisa required[195]
 UruguayVisa required[196]
 UzbekistanVisa required[197]
 VanuatuVisa not required[198]30 days
  Vatican CityVisa required[199]
 VenezuelaVisa required[200]
 VietnamVisa required[201]
 YemenVisa required[202]
 ZambiaVisa not required[203]90 days
 ZimbabweVisa not required[204]3 months

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