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Kenya Has Officially Become An Oil Producer With 240,000 Barrels Exported In August

In recent times, there has been a lot of good news coming from East Africa. It seems its leaders and governments are now more determined to drive their nation’s economies and image to the front lines of world business, politics, innovation, science, and other sectors.

We have gathered that Kenya, in a historic and proud move, exported its first batch of crude oil from its port of Mombasa in August 2019.

This has been hailed by various quarters as a prestigious, historic and noble move by Kenya, as she makes her way to the complete drilling and refining of her own oil.

The government and its petroleum ministry have stated that this first phase of exportation, was to fully test and gauge the country’s crude oil capabilities before they go into full production and exportation by the year 2021.

From the analysis of what has been drilled and processed, Kenya is expected to make more than $84m by 2021. And we believe that this money would go into more exploration and refining of Kenya’s crude, thereby placing them among the OPEC nations and bettering their economy.

It was reported that various oil companies were involved in the bidding to purchase the first 240,000 barrels from Kenya. Out of many oil companies in Asia and Europe that bided, it was UK-based Chinese Company called ChemChina UK Ltd, that won the bid. Their purchase was made possible under the Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EPOS).

Because Kenya does not have an oil pipeline in place, the oil was transported by road, over a distance of 850km (528 miles), from the oil fields in the North-West region of Turkana to Mombasa.

Hopefully, Kenya will build oil pipelines across its regions, since its proposal to build a joint pipeline with Uganda was not successful, because Kampala opted out of the deal, to build another pipeline with Tanzania.

An independent oil and gas exploration company names Tullow Oil has estimated that the oil in Kenya’s Turkana field would be up to 560 million barrels and that when production fully kicks off in 2022, that the field is expected to produce up to 100,000 barrels per day.

As we celebrate with Kenya, we must also clearly state our disappointment in African nations such as Nigeria, who have failed to live up to their destiny. Till today, Nigeria, with all its resources and money made from crude oil, can not boast of one functional refinery.

Nigeria still imports refined crude oil from Europe and America, which makes the price of the products much more expensive, and laborious for the masses.

If any nation in Africa, should be exporting refined crude oil to the African subregion, it is Nigeria. But that is not the case today. Corruption and gross incompetence on the part of its leaders have kept Nigeria crawling on its bellies, instead of flying high.

We pray and hope that in the nearest future Nigeria will learn from other smaller nations such as Kenya and Rwanda, on how to be serious about the development of industries, and technological infrastructure.

But till then, we will do our best in singing the praises of African nations who are making positive strides towards development.

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