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Kenya Can Become Denmark, If It Wants … Rich, Happy, Prosperous, Democratic & Corruption Free

By Donald Kipkorir via Facebook

Denmark is ten times smaller than Kenya, but over six times richer. Denmark’s economy is purely services driven. With no natural resources to speak about, Denmark concentrates on dairy and tree products and high tech. One of its biggest exports are Christmas trees!

Denmark, a Constitutional Monarchy is highly successful because there is no corruption there. Denmark is consistently the least corrupt country in the world. And it arrived here after 350 years of trials and errors. Prof. Francis Fukuyama, the World’s top social scientist, says that Denmark is what it is because of: excellent political & economic institutions, respected democracy, peaceful country, all inclusive government and absence of corruption.

Denmark ended corruption through its robust and independent media, public access to all public budget, high & true integrity in public leadership, well paid public servants and a truly impartial and independent judiciary.

Kenya doesn’t need to re-invent the wheel. But the camera and public relations gimmicks of EACC and NTSA are that: PR Theatrics! We need institutional and systemic reforms that gives every Kenyan equal and equitable chances to succeed. And public service must be a calling, not a business deal!