Kennedy Sande Nyongesah for MP 2022 Kimilili Constituency Bungoma

Ready To Transform this Land Kenya for Better! Kimilili People for Economic Freedom.

Together, we are rebuilding our nation Kenya.

Kennedy  Sande Nyongesa

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Sande Kennedy (born John Kennedy Sande Nyongesa  September 21, 1988), is an Kenyan Politician, Pan African-ist ,columnist Political Activist , blogger, Human Rights Activist, Social Media Enthusiast,  informer & businessman who has interest in politics, governance,corporate fraud, human rights and an advocate of economic freedom for all Kenyans His blog,  is known for posts covering politics and news from Kenya and across the globe.

Together We Are Stronger

True Leader

Kennedy Sande Nyongesa strives to elevate mankind’s faith, and to fill our country Kenya with justice.

With Honesty & Intergrity

“The supreme quality of leadership is unquestionably integrity”.This is the ideal description of Him

A Confident Leader

As a leader, he is oozing with confidence,has swagger and assertiveness that gains him respect.

Committed & Passionate

He is the orator of Freedom in Kenya and has always stand and fought for common Mwananchi from oppression.


Make no mistake. Kimilili doesn’t belong to the rapacious cartels. Kimilili belongs to the 99% of voters who can hardly make ends meet. The power is in our numbers. Join our movement. Let us crush the cartels. We must transform Kimilili and Bungoma County into a prosperous and glorious place to live, work and grow together.

This movement would ultimately lead to one of the most unique Parliamentary campaigns in history of Kenya.  Ever the leader, Sande has followed no rule book and took his message, “Make Kimilili Economically Great” directly to the people.

I will  restore our Lands’s faith, ushering in a bright, new future now and for generations to come.

I love this Land, every grain of sand, every blade of grass. Progress comes from people who willing to unite the nation and give faith for bright future…
We are the epitome of valour. Only the brave dare hold the pen of history. Cowards never write history. Not even footnotes record their pitiful existence.
We Love This Land! This is our Land!
Life of A General (click Here to see my Biography and My Pan Africanist Agenda)

Economy and Jobs

Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah will jump-start Kimilili economy into record growth, which will create jobs and increase take-home pay for working Kimilili.

Foreign Policy

By promoting fair and reciprocal trade, Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah will  put Kimilili  first. This includes  securing major new bilateral deals with major trading partners and  investors around Kenya, other counties and the  world.

National Security and Defense

Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah will rebuilt police posts, and ensure  security  for all Kimilili.


Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah will  remove red tape and end unnecessary regulations that stifle economic growth and prosperity in  all  sectors  especially business, agricultural  sectors  and  protect businessmen   from  brokers  and  middle men.

Law and Justice

Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah will partner with local communities and work with local law enforcement to protect Kimililians.

Energy and Environment

Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah will reverse years of policies that locked up Kimilili energy and restricted our ability to sell to other counties.

Government Accountability

One of Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah’s biggest campaign promises is to make a government by and for the people.

Health Care

Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah will  reform  the  health  sector for Kimilili.

Infrastructure and Technology

Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah will built stronger rural communities by ensuring Kimililians have access to the quality infrastructure they deserve.

Social Programs

Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah and his Administration will protect life by fighting back against illegal drug sales, opioid abuse, and abortion service providers.


Hon Kennedy Sande Nyongesah and his Administration will support and implement  the expansion of school choice across the country so every parent has a voice in their child’s education.

Education for All
Deplorable classrooms state, lack of reading and writing materials among other requirements that would make learning worth are lacking. We seek to transform our schools into modern technology.


There are workable plans that need to be put into action! Stakeholders have failed to come with very tangible solutions to rebuild our Kenya tourist destinations. We must use our labour to build our strength!

Health Care Center

Our goal is to transform health sector, even stop maternal mortality which been experienced government after government, president after president. We will meet all health challenges and inabilities. We shall transform the  health  sector  for all Westlanders we  have  what it takes  to  have  the  best for  us all.


We making choice that will determine a bright future for us. Great people of our motherland, we will, we shall and we must Reclaim our land and Relaunch it afresh. Our inspiration is the fuel that shall power our vessel on this existing nation odyssey shall be WHY NOT spirit. WE COMMITTED! 

We Need Change!
Food Security
National Security
National Industrialization
Community Based Economics
Strengthened Transport Systems
Affirmative action on Corruption

We Build our Country to Represent our Values

Our party is an issue based Party. It is a party bigger than individuals in it. We must move away from parties built on personality cults to parties anchored on institutional identity defined by clear policies. We have escaped from downward mentalities that insist on conditioning our people.

We are fearless warriors of this great Nation, to choose optimism over skepticism, courage over cowardice and most of all of purpose over discord and tribalism.
We will reclaim our land and detox it of all the poison of ethnic hatred, tribal profiling and all negative jingoism. We abandon the poisoned past behind us.

We urge you to reject those naysayers and begin to interact with us – us who have deficient beliefs that will bring changes in this country. We are voice of frustrated Kenyans that are domiciled in all corners of this great nation.

Sande Kennedy Quotes

The secret of victory is to continue in assignment. Every man under assignment will fight three battles. 1. Accusations 2. Frustrations 3. Inner circle battle – Sande Kennedy

Dogs never bark at parked cars. Pirates never capture empty vessels. A tree with fruits attract stone throwers… – Sande Kennedy

Just remember when the devil cannot fight you, he fights what is around you or uses the people around you to fight you – Sande Kennedy

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win” – Mahatma Gandhi

“True democracy is a project that’s much bigger than any one of us. It’s bigger than any one person, any one president, and any one government. It’s a job for all of us.” – Barack Obama

“True leadership often happens with the smallest acts, in the most unexpected places, by the most unlikely individuals.” – Michelle Obama

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God Bless People Of Kimilili Constituency , May God Bless Bungoma County and may God bless Kenya

About Kimilili Constituency

Kimilili Constituency is an electoral constituency in Kenya. It is one of the constituencies in Bungoma County

Kimilili Constituency Details

Constituency Number: 223

Constituency Name: Kimilili Constituency

Constituency Population: 132,822

Constituency Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 181.20

Kimilili Constituency MP

The constituency is currently represented by Hon. Didmus Barasa Mutua who was elected on a Jubilee party ticket in the Jubilee coalition.

County Assembly Wards in Kimilili Constituency

Kibingei Ward

  1. County Assembly Ward No.: 1111
  2. County Assembly Ward NameKibingei
  3. County Assembly Ward Population (Approx.): 34,458
  4. County Assembly Ward Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 51.90
  5. County  Assembly Ward Description: Comprises Chebukwabi and Kibingei sub–Locations of  Bungoma County

Kimilili Ward

  1. County Assembly Ward No.: 1112
  2. County Assembly Ward NameKimilili
  3. County Assembly Ward Population (Approx.): 36,267
  4. County Assembly Ward Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 42.10
  5. County  Assembly Ward Description: Comprises Kimilili Rural and Township Sub–Locations of Bungoma County

Maeni Ward

  1. County Assembly Ward No.: 1113
  2. County Assembly Ward NameMaeni
  3. County Assembly Ward Population (Approx.):  24,209
  4. County Assembly Ward Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 41.00
  5. County  Assembly Ward Description: Comprises Nasusi and Sikhedu sub–Location of Bungoma County

Kamukuywa Ward

  1. County Assembly Ward No.: 1114
  2. County Assembly Ward NameKamukuywa
  3. County Assembly Ward Population (Approx.): 37,888
  4. County Assembly Ward Area In Sq. Km (Approx.): 46.20
  5. County  Assembly Ward Description: Comprises Makhonge and Nabitoto Sub–Locations of  Bungoma County

Kimilili Constituency Map

One Kenya One nation one Tribe I believe  in a  United East Africa for the betterment of the  lives of the East African People

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I joined politics because I want to take the fight from the media into the chambers where decisions are made. I want to echo the people’s voice in spaces where they have been ignored for too long. I have relentlessly challenged the establishment for their failed governance. Now I want to continue with the fight from where laws are made
Founder of :

Orange Democratic Movement


ODM National Secretariat


The National Secretariat is the oil that runs through the engine of the party and links all the other party organs. It is headed by the Executive Director, who is appointed by the National Executive Committee.  

The Secretariat has four directorates:- 

  • Finance and Administration
  • Communication
  • Political Affairs and Strategy
  • Memberships Recruitment and Retention

The main duties of the National Secretariat are: 

  • Management of Party operations.  
  • Implementation of Party decisions. 
  • Processing the clearance of persons to be appointed by the National Executive Committee as Party’s nominees to the County Assembly or Parliament.
  • Voter outreach and membership recruitment. 
  • Registration, mobilization and maintenance of voters or members register. 
  • Coordination, facilitation and synchronization of Party activities and events. 
  • Public relations, communication and media outreach. 
  • Fundraising and resource mobilization. 
  • Campaign strategies. 
  • Operations and logistics. 
  • Party policy and research. 
  • Regional coordination. 
  • Liaison with all Party structures. 

Any other duties as may be assigned by National Executive Committee. 

The National Secretariat is the oil that runs through the engine of the party and links all the other party organs. It is headed by the Executive Director, who is appointed by the National Executive Committee.

Party Ideology

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is a social democratic party.

Our History

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) is the largest political party in Kenya born out of a protracted struggle for reforms in Kenya. The clamor for reforms arose out of successive mutilations of the independence constitution that culminated to the enactment of Section 2 (a) which banned multiparty politics.

The subsequent authoritarian style of leadership led to massive human rights violations. However, repression did not dampen Kenyans spirit and desire for a democratic and just society. The agitation for reforms spearheaded by reform agents mainly politicians, a section of the clergy and activists forced the Kenya National African Union (Kanu) regime to repeal Section 2 (a) of the constitution. This brought to an end the single party rule and opened the doors for multiparty politics. This saw the birth of the Forum for Restoration of Democracy (FORD) among others. 

The new era heightened the hunger for a new constitutional dispensation with Kenyans from all walks of life embracing mass protests spearheaded by the civil society and reform minded politicians to compel the KANU Government to embrace reforms. The constitution of the National Constitutional Conference (NCC) in 2002 was a direct consequence of this campaign. However, the dissolution of the 8th parliament and subsequent general election in December 2002 interrupted the process.

Riding on an undertaking to give Kenyans a new constitution in the first 100 days of their rule, the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) trounced KANU in the 2002 General Election. The Bomas Conference was recalled to conclude the process. However, a section of the government turned out to be retrogressive leading to draft that was not a reflection of people’s aspirations and expectations.

 The birth of the Orange

The ensuing constitutional referendum pitted the YES team, christened ‘Banana’ against the NO team dubbed ‘Orange’. The proponents of the YES team were for the draft constitution which negated the aspirations of the people, basically anti-reform minded people. The NO team (Orange) wanted a constitution that stood for equitable development through devolution, respect for human rights and vibrant democracy. 

The NO (Orange) team that spearheaded the defeat of the retrogressive draft constitution in November 2005, evolved into a popular movement that engaged the new establishment with a view to restarting the constitution making process. The Orange team comprised of Messrs  Raila Odinga, Kalonzo Musyoka, Henry Kosgey, William Ruto,  Uhuru Kenyatta, Musalia Mudavadi, Najib Balala, Billow Kerrow, Charity Ngilu, William Ole Ntimama, Omingo Magara, Fred Gumo among others. From the clergy we had Rev. Timothy Njoya, Rev. (Dr) David Gitari, Sheikh Juma Ngao among others. The Orange victory at the referendum transformed the movement into a major political party, the Orange Domocratic Movement (ODM) which was captained by Raila Odinga and Mudavadi, Ruto, Balala, Joe Nyagah and Ngilu which formed the PENTAGON.

The stolen Orange victory     

The 2007 general election was a re-play of the 2005 referendum pitying the Yes proponents under the Party of National Unity (PNU) led by Mwai Kibaki and the Orange team under the stewardship of Raila Odinga. It is worth noting that the general election was conducted against the background of total rejection of relevant institutional reforms to the electoral process by the incumbent regime. Having mounted a successful campaign, the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) won the election but had its victory denied in bungled process that left the country on fire leading to post election violence. These protests and pressure from the international community led to a negotiated power-sharing deal on a 50-50 basis. This led to the signing of the National Accord which was later enacted into law by parliament. The grand coalition government was born with Kibaki retaining the presidency and Raila assuming the Prime Minister’s position.

The New Constitution 

Under the National Accord, the grand coalition government was obligated to undertake institutional reforms, national reconciliation and most importantly, complete the constitutional process. On 4th August 2010, a referendum was held on a draft constitution that captured the Orange constitutional aspirations and expectations. On the 28th of the same month, the Orange Democratic Movement registered a landmark victory when the new constitution was promulgated.  

Democracy on Trial

The lack of commitment by the coalition partners PNU to the spirit and letter of the constitution impacted negatively on the implementation of both the National Accord and the new constitution. Whereas the provisions of the National Accord were substantially implemented, the forces of the status quo obstructed the realization of the actual fruits of change. This is illustrated by the rejection of the TJRC report, the refusal to address impunity with regard to post election violence and ultimately the manipulation of the 2013 general election that saw yet another snatched victory from the Orange party.

map of kimilili
Fancy political map of Kimilili in KIMILILI, BUNGOMA, WESTERN, Kenya.
Flag of the Republic of Kenya
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East African Federation