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The School was founded by the Local Native Council (North Kavirondo District Council) in 1932, hence its original name: ‘GOVERNMENT AFRICAN SCHOOL, KAKAMEGA’.
It’s founding motto: ‘IN UNITY IS STRENGTH’ has served the School well over the years.

Kakamega School, formerly known as Government African School Kakamega and Kakamega High School, is a four-year high school in Kakamega, Kenya. It is categorized by the Ministry of Education in Kenya as a national school. Kakamega School is notable in the country for performances in extracurricular activities such as drama, and also excels in sport.

Motto: In unity is Strength

Vision: To be a Centre of Academic Excellence.

Mission: To Develop and Nurture Intellectual, Moral and Practical Skills in Learners for a Dynamic World.

Code: 603001


a) The School is duly registered with the Government as a DEB School
b) It has a duly constituted BOARD OF GOVERNORS, Chaired by MR RASHID NASORO
c) It has a duly elected PTA Chairman in DR OKUMU BIGAMBO.

Student Population

It is a six stream School with a total student population of 1210. Enrolment from 2003 – 2009.

Kakamega Boys High School Education and extra-curricular disciplines.

Through their soccer team The Green Commandos the school has won more football championships than any other school in the country. The drama team that was managed by drama teacher/director/producer Oliver Minishi won awards in the national drama festivals. Kakamega School’s rugby team, the Barbarians have dominated secondary school’s rugby competition in both 7s and 15s categories.

Kakamega Boys High School Computer Studies.

Kakamega school has computer studies as a discipline tested amongst other subjects. This covers a wide range of information technology. Students are taught all operations in a computer-based friendly environment. It is a subject under technical and applied which imparts the learner with skills used to help them in their lives. Very many things have gone global and that is why it is a requirement to note that the study is very important to any being.

Kakamega Boys High School Computer Class

The school has a computer room used to impart practical skill having 41 computers in good condition that can handle a small population of only 41 students per session. We would like this to be improved and to make it compulsory for the child that passes through Kakamega high school.

This implies that we have to increase the number of computer rooms in Kakamega high school. This will enable all the students to be acquainted with the technology that is changing. In the schools that do computer studies, Kakamega high school is not left out.

It performs well in terms of the mean score. It also encompasses the students with networking skills which are very good for getting the information on the internet. It has replaced the old system of the library which is difficult to search for information.

We are very glad to inform the surrounding to keep with the transition in the technology so that they do not get stale in the information coverage.

Instructions are given to students to apply during a practical skill tested in paper two (Practical Paper). It has very specific rules build under the menu of commands that a student must master to be effective. The paper 1 (Theory paper) contains all areas set about computers which require a student to read widely not knowing where the question will be tossed from. There is paper three (Project work) containing a case study of any discoveries that a student should write about and develop it. It marks the climax of computer studies as it is tedious and time-consuming.

Students are taught the subject by Head of subject Mr. Ochanda Victor and assisted by Mr. Odunga Moses who is well vast with computer skills.
In summary of what we usually perform as in the computer studies being a discipline is listed in our motto and mission as below:-

Motto: Creativity for self-sustainable
Mission: To nurture our students to be self-reliance in their lives.
Encouragement is to all Kakamega fraternity to be informed about the use of information technology tools for a more and easy time when thriving.

Kakamega Boys High School Other Details


1. P T A – Ksh. 2,000.00 to be paid by Form 1, II, III and IV in First Term.

other requirements

1. Uniform will be paid for as shown below in the first term: –

  • Form 1 Kshs.3, 250.00 (2 trousers, 2 shirts, P E Kit, Tie embroidery, long-sleeved sweater with logo)
  • Form II Kshs. 950.00 (1 trouser and 1 shirt)
  • Form III Kshs 2,300.00 (1 trouser, 1 shirt-long sleeved, PE Kit, long-sleeved sweater with logo and tie)
  • Form IV Kshs. 950.00 (1 trouser and 1 shirt)
  • Green blazer with embroidery (optional) Ksh. 2,000/=)

2.Caution Money for new students – Ksh. 500.00
3. Examination Fees Kshs. 4,200.00 Form IV Ist Term and University Forms Ksh. 300/=
4. Computer, P Mechanics & Electricity Ksh. 1,000.00 per term (Compulsory to all students taking the subjects)
5. Aviation Ksh. 4,500.00 (Compulsory to all students taking the subject)
6. School Magazine Ksh. 380/= third term. (Form I and II)

Cash strictly not allowed, deposit fees in cooperative Bank Account No. 011 290 3366 5600 or National Bank Account No. 012 427 053 6500 and bring original Bank slip for receipting to the Account Office.

Kakamega Boys High School Details.

Kakamega High School
Address: P.O. Box 90 Kakamega 50100
School Code: 37600001
Phone Number: 056-3004
Email: kakschool@yahoo.com
Website: www.kakamegaschool.org/

Notable Alumni of Kakamega High School

Bonny Khalwale – M.P. for the Ikolomani Constituency
-Kenneth Marende – former Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya
Moody Awori – former Vice President of Kenya
Najib Balala – Minister for Tourism
Yusuf Chanzu – M.P. for the Vihiga Constituency
-Newton Kulundu – former Minister for Labour
Dennis Oliech – international footballer
Noah Wekesa – Minister for Wildlife and Forestry

Kakamega Boys High School Space And Physical Structure.

The School stands on a 95 – acre plot.

The Physical Facilities include:

classrooms, an Administration Block, an Assembly Hall, Library, a Computer Laboratory 6 Science Laboratories, 1 Electricity Workshop, 1 Power Mechanics Workshop, 1 Lecture Theatre Hall, 1 Maintenance Workshop, 18 Dormitories (1 high rise), 1 large Central Stores Block, 1 Dining Hall/Kitchen complex, 25 Teaching Staff Houses, 12 Non-teaching Staff Houses1 Kenyatta University Open Learning Institute House, Playing Grounds for football, Rugby, Volleyball, Handball, Hockey, Basketball, Athletics, Softball, Badminton and Lawn Tennis.

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