ABABU Namwamba is walking on a dangerous political road. While he is a brilliant guy and a maverick, his latest “unofficial” attempts to chat an own political path, away from ODM is overly-ambitious, ill guided and politically foolish.

There was Martin Shikuku and Koigi wa Wamwere. Despite their many admirers, they failed to win their constituency seats at previous elections. Others such as Peter Anyang Nyong’o, Kiraitu Murungi, Martha Karua and Mukhisa Kituyi learnt that toeing the line was safer than shouting from the rooftops.

There was a time Najib Balala was an unmatchable political powerhouse in Mombasa. But look at him now after he attempted to board a different political matatu. The best he can be is an appointed civil servant. By now he must have forgotten how it feels to win elections.

Balala’s native Mvita constituency and Ababu’s Budalangi share a common political dynamic -The Odinga Factor. We all can accurately guess the end result of any political figure that deviates from Odinga in these two constituencies. Right?

But who knows? Maybe Ababu has silently made up his mind that he needs more time to sire more babies, babysit them and share every other photo of his father moments on Facebook than engage in politics after 2017. Who is Odinga or ODM as a party to stop him from pursuing his newly found love?