Was extra-judicial killing of Eastleigh ‘thugs’ justified? Kenyans divided

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Watching the clip of that young man being pumped 12 bullets in his body in Eastleigh made me mesmerize at how life it is. It is short and somehow comes to an end without notice and and also in unlikely manner.

I know the police officer’s action or call it bravery, has been praised and castigated in equal measure. I know, if you have ever met thugs in a dark alley, you would love to purchase a gun and help the police to rip off the innards of these thugs. But again, who is better between the living but are continually living in rebellion to God’s moral standard requirement and the dead boy lying in a pool of blood?

Watching the last bullet take off the little life remaining in that boy made me analyze the crowd standing by watching having concluded that that boy was an evil being that deserved to die; but what is of use. Where is the difference between the dead and the living who have no Christ in them. Bible calls them dead men.

All of us, if Jesus tarries, will someday die notwithstanding the kind of death. What matters on your death bed is not how you die, but whether your life was dedicated to Jesus or not. When you don’t have Christ in you, your destination with that boy becomes one and the same, it doesn’t matter whether you died in your sleep or basking sun on the river bank of Jordan

It doesn’t matter how well we live, but how well we die. Dying well is dying while your soul is totally sold for Jesus Christ, not when a bullet rips off your brain for living on people’s sweat.

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