Issuance of death certificates
Issuance of death certificates for all current death occurring in Kenya Return the completed death certificate application form with the relevant fee to the District Civil Registrar. It is issued within 3 days in Nairobi, Mombasa, and Kisumu. In the districts, it takes 1 day

What is a death certificate?

The death certificate is actually two documents. The first is a Death Registration Form (sometimes electronic) that collects demographic and cause of death information about the deceased.  

The second document is called a Certified Death Abstract, which is issued once the Death Registration Form is processed. This is the document most organizations require as proof of the death.

A copy of the Death Registration Form is kept on file in the office of the locality where the death occurred for a period of time, which varies by state.  The agent then forwards the approved Death Registration form to the State Department of Vital Statistics where the signed death registration will be stored as a permanent record.

Application for issuance of a death certificate can be done at any Civil Registration office or Huduma Centre Countrywide.

Persons who qualify to apply for a death certificate of a deceased person are the relatives of the deceased, insurance companies, employers or estate administrators.


1. Burial permit or notification of death
2. Form D4 (applications for death certificate) duly completed
3. Knowledge of date of death where burial permit or notification of death is missing
4. The deceased’s national identity card

Cost:Death Certificate with no amendments- Kshs 50 and Death Certificate with amendments- Kshs 130
Timelines:  2 days

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