Intellectual Property/Patent Application in Kenya

To file an application in Kenya, at a minimum the following fees are applicable: Filing fee of Ksh. 3000/, which is due when the application is filed; Publication fee of Ksh. 3000/, which is due after 18 months from the filing date; Examination fee of Ksh


  1. Visit the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI) offices and request for assistance on the intellectual property rights
  2. Complete the request form, identified as IP3.
  3. Present your invention, including technical details, background, visual material, claims and a summary (abstract containing title, short description and drawing).
  4. If you are not the creator then you must have a letter authorizing you to register the patent.
  5. The application is then published in the KIPI journal as soon as possible, after the expiration of 18 months of the filling date
  6. If the application meets the requirements, you are then required to request a date for its examination in within three years.
  7. If the application is not rejected the applicant is issued with a certificate grant of a patent.

Required Documents

  1. Identification documents
  2. Details of your invention

Office Locations & Contacts

KIPI offices are located in the Highway Estate, Nairobi, Kenya.

Weights and measures House Popo road, off Mombasa road
P.O BOX 51648-00200
Telephone +25420602210,+254702002020,+254202386220
Fax +254206006312
Website www.kipi.go.keAds by Google


The invention must be unique, new and must represent a forward move in a given technological field. The invention must also be in line with desired public code of conduct and morality.


  1. Official registration fees Kshs. 15,000

A#nnuity Fees Kshs. 2000 for first year increases gradually to up to Kshs. 50,000 in the 20th year.


20 years.
The patent is renewed every year.

Processing Time

Minimum of 18 months


Patent applications in Kenya must be made to the Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI, which is a parastatal under the Ministry of Trade and Industry. You must have a clear description of the invention in a manner that can be understood easily, and this should include a visual presentation.

Required Information

  1. Personal Details
  2. Particulars of the invention, including technical details and an abstract

Need for the Document

Patent application is important for safeguarding your invention and giving you the explicit rights to produce the invented product. Patent application in Kenya is made to the Kenya Industrial Property Institute.

Information which might help

Always try to get more information on what is needed for a patent application to be accepted before you do the actual application.

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

Protecting an invention from commercial exploitation

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