How to withdraw money from the ATM with Airtel Uganda?

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Uganda’s leading provider of prepaid, postpaid mobile, & 4G services. Recharge … Send money at any time and from any where. Dial *185# … Withdraw Cash. At the ATM, you must go through the following steps when using the My Airtel app. Enter the mobile number > Enter the sender code (received on SMS) > Enter the OTP > Select 1 ‘ATM self-withdrawal‘ > Enter the IMT amount > Cash dispensed. When using USSD, the user must dial 4002# from their registered mobile number.

Currently applicable to equity Bank only

  1. *185# or *165#
  2. Select 7. Financial services
  3. Select 5. ATM withdrawal.
  4. Enter your Airtel money PIN
  5. You will receive an ATM authorization Code.


Follow prompts.

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