How to use cash in cash out services on Ooredoo mobile money app

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Cash Deposit/ Withdraw

Your Ooredoo Mobile Money Wallet (OMM Wallet) is your gateway to a world of unmatched convenience, ease and security.

Mobile Money Wallet is a virtual account tied to your Mobile number that allows you to deposit, access or withdraw money using your Ooredoo mobile phone. Money is stored safely with QNB and is always visible to you through your mobile phone.

It is safe and secure – access to your OMM Wallet is protected by a 6-digit mPIN that only you know.

Once you have money in your Mobile Money Wallet you only need to press a few buttons on your Ooredoo mobile phone to instantly access services such as sending money to any Ooredoo subscriber within Qatar, sending money overseas to 196 counties through MoneyGram, Transfer money to your QNB account, and across the world in seconds, topping-up Hala or paying Shahry bills, Cash Withdrawal at QNB ATMs.

Cash in

Cash In is the way of Loading cash in to your Mobile Money Wallet.

There are four easy ways to do this:

Option I:

Use an Ooredoo Machines (SSM) and follow the on-screen instructions to easily and instantly Cash In money to your Mobile Money Wallet.

Screen Flow for SSM cash in

  Step 1: Go to a Ooredoo Machine (SSM) and press any key to access the options menu. Steps 1 2 3 456789    


Option II:

Transfer money to your Mobile Money Wallet directly from your QNB Account using QNB Mobile Payment Service (visit for more details).

Brief steps:

  1. Call QNB Customer Care Centre to register for QNB Mobile Payment service.
  2. To Transfer Fund from QNB Account to OMM Wallet:
    • Simply send an SMS to 92111 in the following format from the mobile registered for QNB Mobile Payment service:
      OMM <space> Mobile (Wallet) Number <space> amount in QR

      OMM Example: OMM 33123456 500.
    • Once the request is sent, you will be asked to confirm by replying with OK OTP (received from QNB via SMS) to 92111.
    • Upon confirmation the requested amount shall be transferred from your QNB Bank Account to the beneficiaries’ Ooredoo Mobile Money (OMM) Wallet”.


Option III:


Great news! Ooredoo Mobile Money services are now available at selected premium dealer outlets! You can deposit money into your Mobile Wallet, add beneficiaries, learn more about how Ooredoo Money works and more. It’s a one-stop solution for sending money all around the world!

Visit us at our Ooredoo shops or any of the Al Anees, Starlink, Ghasham and Jumbo Electronics outlets

  1. Visit any Ooredoo shop or any Partner Dealers’ Outlets with the cash amount that you want to deposit.
  2. Provide your mobile number.
  3. You will receive a confirmation SMS automatically and get a paper receipt from the team in store.
  4. You are now all set to enjoy the unmatched convenience of Ooredoo Money!


Option IV:

Just Request your employer to transfer money directly to your OMM Wallet using Local Transfers Option.You may also receive money into your OMM Wallet from any local transfer from other OMM Wallet holders.


Option V:

Any Bank Account in Qatar to Wallet Transfer.

Cash outGetting money out in cash from your OMM mWallet

Cash Out is just as easy to do as a Cash In. Just follow these steps:Step 1 (At a QNB ATM):

  • On you mobile phone, log-on to your OMM account and select Option 4: ‘My mWallet’.
  • Select Option 2 ‘Cash Out ATM’
  • Then select Option 1 ‘Request Voucher’
  • Enter the amount to be withdrawn from your mWallet

Please note: QNB ATM machines can only provide bank notes in multiples of 50. Therefore you will need to enter a minimum amount of QR 50 and multiples of QR 50 up to a maximum of QR 500.

You will then be provided with your ‘Cash Out Voucher’ (as well as receiving an SMS with the same voucher number). You can now proceed to use this at any QNB ATM in Qatar. Your voucher is valid for 2 hours.

If you wish to, you can also cancel this voucher at any time using the following steps:

  • Select Option 2 ‘Cash Out ATM’
  • Then select Option 2 ‘Cancel Voucher’

Step 2 (At a QNB ATM):

When the ATM screen offers you the menu of options, choose ‘ Ooredoo Mobile Money’
You will be asked to enter and confirm the voucher number created by your mWallet and sent to you by SMS
You will then be asked to enter and confirm the cash amount you requested on your mWallet.

Please note: You need to ensure that you enter exactly the same amount that you requested from your mWallet. This is another security measure because only you will know what that amount was.
The QNB ATM will then dispense your money.

At an Ooredoo Shop

  1. Visit an Ooredoo shop and ask the teller for Cash Out by providing your Mobile Number and your original Qatar ID or Residence Permit
  2. Wait for the Ooredoo Shop teller to process your request on the OMM System and within seconds you will receive a message on your phone asking you to confirm the Cash Out with your mPIN
  3. Enter your mPIN through your phone
  4. Collect Cash from the Ooredoo Shop teller

Please note that the fee for any of these transactions will be deducted from your mWallet balance. For details of the applicable fee please refer to the Ooredoo Mobile Money Tariff Guide

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