How To Use A Contact Form To Turn Traffic Into Customers

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Any website worth its salt has a “Contact Us” page, where visitors and potential customers can send a question, message, complaint, or other feedback to the host business. Usually, it’s a page with an email link, phone numbers, maybe even a snail mail address, giving visitors a number of different ways of getting a hold of the business. Some even include a live chat option.

In the ongoing quest to win the hearts and minds of e-commerce customers, though, could businesses be overlooking the huge potential of the contact form as a means of turning traffic into actual customers? After all, a resourceful company should let no means of establishing ties with customers to go unused!

Here some ideas on how to use contact forms to bring in customers.

Have Multiple Contact Forms
Consider creating a series of dedicated contact forms that are geared towards particular reasons why a visitor would want or need to communicate with you. You could have a general information form, a customer service form, and a feedback form, for instance. By doing so, it becomes easier for your business to respond to the customers’ messages, and not have, for instance, your shipping people fielding comments about how your business got started and what services it offers.

Adding Live Chat
While having a dialogue box suddenly pop up with a cheery live chat message welcoming the visitor and asking if there are any questions may be annoying to some, it’s a safe bet that everyone appreciates to at least have the ability to initiate a live chat if they so wish. Embedding a live chat link on your contact page goes a long way towards satisfying the instant gratification crowd that absolutely, positively needs an answer right now. That timely answer may very well turn into a sale.

Social Media Links
The easier you make it for customers to contact you, the more likely they will initiate communications. Conversely, the more difficult (or the more clicks needed) a process, the less likely they will talk with you, and that may very possibly stop a potential sale in its tracks. Since it seems practically everyone is connected to at least one social media network, having links to the more popular sites will help encourage more involvement with your business, especially if you have a presence on the networks as well!

If you don’t have a social media presence, then get one. It’s easy, and there’s a lot of information out there on how to do it. For instance, this article shows how to use Google Plus to promote your business.

Don’t Be Too Intrusive
There too many horror stories out there about how someone visited a website, gave out their personal information, and now they’re inundated with spam. If you’re prompting people for information, only ask for the minimum data needed, and make sure your privacy policy, even if it’s an abridged version, is nearby to allay any concerns that would otherwise make people hesitant to establish contact. You want people to feel at ease, and asking too many questions will simply chase them off.

Throw In A Survey
If there’s one thing people love to do on the Internet, it’s giving their opinions. Consider a brief three to five question survey on your contact page to get some information on the kind of people who visit the page; this helps you to tailor promotions, events, and special deals, all with the intention of grabbing people’s attention and consequently converting them into sales.

Turn To An Actual Contact Form Builder
If you and your staff are inexperienced in the fine art of building a contact page, there are many resources out there that can help you build the pages that help you engage customers. Consider something like, which offers customer acquisition tools that help create bridge between customers and businesses, as well as helping those businesses manage and track their contacts.

It’s The Personal Touch
Visitors to your site want to be treated like people, and also want to feel that they’re interacting with actual human beings as well. By tailoring your contact pages to your potential customers’ needs, you create a link that is very likely to turn into a loyal customer.

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