How to turn on Portable WIFI hotspot on your phone

For those who are not techies. Portable WIFI hotpot is a feature in mobile devices that make them act as WIFI networks, this means that other mobile devices or computers can connect to our devices (With Portable WIFI hotspot turned on) and access the internet as if they were connected to a normal WIFI network. Obviously, your mobile data has to be activated and loaded with bundles for Portable WIFI hotspot to work. See below how to turn on your Portable WIFI hotspot on:

  1. Turn on your mobile data and make sure you have active internet bundles from your mobile provider.
  2. Go to settings, under wireless and networks, select Tethering and portable hotspot.
  3. Select Portable Wi-Fi hotspot to enable.
  4. To setup a password and prevent unauthorized access:
    1. Select portable Wi-Fi hotspot settings
    2. Put a name under network SSID (This is the name of your network, not mandatory and can be left at default)
    3. Select WPA2 PSK under
    4. Input your preferred password under password.
    5. Click save to save and exit.
  5. You can now connect to this network from other devices or laptop computers.
  6. Any connected device will be using your internet bundles.