Transfer Residence Permit of Qatar to New Passport / Another Passport

Transfer Residence Permit to New Passport

This service allows to transfer valid RPs of sponsored persons from expired to newly issued passports. It is available for Qataris, residents, companies and organizations holding Qatari Smart ID Cards.

Online Instructions

  • Visit Ministry of Interior online website.
  • Enter dependent QID number.
  • Enter new passport details.
  • Pay appropriate fees and print payment receipt.


A transfer fee of QR100 applies.

Additional Information

You can also transfer residence permit to new passport through Metrash2.

 Apply Online 


For Online Application:

  1. You must first register with the website before you can avail of this service. To register follow link:!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzPy8xBz9CP0os3hLfwtnQwsLA3cDbzNTA89gfz8PyxBvY4NAE_1I_Shz3PLm-gXZgYoAJFxYvg!!/?nID=6_9O8C1880GOLE30ISAIBNMF10T3&cID=6_9O8C1880GOLE30ISAIBNMF10T3
  2. Once registered fill out the online application form.
  3. Select the person for whom you wish to transfer the RP for.
  4. Select option, for pickup or delivery.
  5. Pay appropriate fees.
  6. Sponsors will be notified by SMS once the document is ready.

Required Documents

  1. Old and new passports
  2. Copy of ID card

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Interior

Corniche Road 8895

Doha, Qatar

Phone: + 974 44330000


Fax: + 974 44322927



A transfer fee of QR50 applies. Pickup at the Expatriate Affairs Department is free. Personal delivery costs QR30. Post office pickup costs QR10. Notification by SMS costs QR1.


Applicants are required to deliver their new passports to the Ministry of Interiors Expatriates Affairs department in order to complete the procedure.

A certificate of loss should be attached if the original passport was lost in Qatar.

Information which might help

Ministry of Interior

Hours of Operation

Sun Thur 7 am 1 pm

External Links

  • Qatar eGovernment Portal!ut/p/c5/rZHLkqJAEEW_pT-gm4KCApdQFAUNFAKFPDaGqKMiDxUU5evHjunNzETPZjpzmRF5M88RCuHZ7ep22K2GQ9euaiETCrScBRoWNQ3QwCMQOLHuGMy3RMChkAoZkJdx9Tg503GKKjCC3ozmPg9H3ySgL8Mx5unIzcLtj6Pol_7ITObwKodA354nv57z_v4u5jN_2sznQ7zPDF1nj_F8FeJt-9xffFwAvigd_JojMJN0X5OTyDM04Li2ojAqQUAVIRcK9csPIBT4f3zgz8SFFRKdsEF0k5d_Z71L35r1LhSHsnkb180beIOyrAKoyECRJVmCEAlplo-K2Tsj0fGyP7Tre33j4IhNgg0DGXcVR6vXgi4Pmn3DyYay4hxH7Xa6TvRYJxQPQ5nOSpgBvflxC_c0X1chrlLPmkCIN-Hd320zUZ_m3kMqtHuwG1q3sWfl2l2Sxoi0MxfLeD30dv4oTlGQGWeZG3rSB6rt7vMQEK7iWn3IPSqizK24p7FX3QnQeVyg9NhYDerSerunbB7oLy8Cs7tm-wdewFz0xBuABUxsqER_q5ziByMaiCvygXf0eTIxvnGYuXHj6QP7U8xkMVYufLD-xIu9tkz6T5UOxZjGMnIopc8s16I48QkAVP3WrN9UIllVFKiISEIIKUgTUm_dqORo6CYxowxZjosakV4g7iRWS5TAQOa1qkm7K_Svw1AF5wOx9a67F20xNhGxN167UIGxP96tTvWyLJhwSFbL3ip76PVpMzfyqFCC1R5x2RvwPDQWt9OUavJ0rlHod3xAF-HU3A6RJj4b7i_KRdk9tfwEPrY2GA!!/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/


If the passports have been delivered to the post office before 11 am, the delivery will be at the same day. But, If they have been delivered to the post office after 11 am, the delivery will be at the next day.

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