This is How to Transfer money to Kenya M-PESA using Ooredoo Money Qatar First you will need to register for Ooredoo money in the following steps

Ooredoo Mobile Money (OMM) is a mobile wallet service that allows you to register for a “Mobile Wallet Account” so that you can deposit, withdraw, pay and send money in Qatar or abroad instantly through your phone.

What you will need…

  • Valid QID
  • Active Ooredoo connection (Hala or Shahry) & registered under your name

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How to register…

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How to take advantage of the services…

  • Set up mPin
  • Visit an Ooredoo store to upgrade wallet for higher limits .

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Transferring money to Kenya

Ooredoo mobile money brings you the most convenient option of sending money to 200 countries including Kenya. With their international money transfers partner MoneyGram, you can now send money through one of the following delivery options:

Option I: Account Deposit – MPESA Wallet

With delivery OPTION I, you can transfer money directly to any registered MPESA Wallet instantly.

How to add a beneficiary for instant transfer to any MPESA Wallet Account?

 Ooredoo MobilePlease create your
6-digit mPINReplyExitSelect option:1.Transfers Local2. Transfers International3.Payments4.Hala Top Up5.Cash In / Cash Out6. mWallet Settings0. BackReplyExitSelect Option:
1.Add New0. BackReplyExitPlease select:
1. MoneyGram2. Nepal3. Pakistan4. Philippines0. BackReplyExitPlease enter recipient details:
1. Mobile Number2. Location
0. BackReplyExitPlease enter the recipient’s mobile number.

E.g. +254-722234338
0. BackReplyExitYour selected country is KENYA please confirm
1. Confirm0. BackReplyExitSelect Delivery options
1. Account Deposit2. Cash Collection Local
0. BackReplyExitPlease select Currency: Kenyan Shilling
1. Confirm0. BackReplyExitPlease enter First Name:
0. BackReplyExitPlease enter Last Name:
0. BackReplyExitPlease Enter M-PESA Mobile Number +254:
0. BackReplyExitPlease enter Alias Name:
0. BackReplyExitName: Camille
MPESA Wallet No: +254-722234338
1. Confirm0. BackReplyExit *140# Step 1: Dial *140# on your Ooredoo mobile. Steps1 2 3 456789101112131415   

Option II: Cash Pick up

For delivery OPTION II – Cash collection, money can be received within 10 minutes from any one of over 940 agent locations across Kenya with Key agents include:

  • Cooperative Bank of Kenya
  • Diamond Trust Bank
  • Equity Bank
  • Imperial Bank
  • K-Rep
  • Kenya Post Bank
  • National bank of Kenya
  • Chase Bank C
  • Consolidated Bank
Cash Pick up

Get Started – Transfer money to Kenya using Ooredoo Money

Opening a Ooredoo Mobile Money (OMM) Wallet is very easy and it is absolutely FREE! Once registered for FREE, you can use your Mobile Wallet to avail range of services including sending money to your family and friends in over 200 countries around the globe.

Register now by simply dialing *140# from your Hala or Shahry mobile phone and follow the onscreen instructions to enter your QID Number then accept the T&C and finally create your own secured 6-digit mPIN.

You can also register or upgrade your wallet by walking into an Ooredoo Shop with your original QID and ask the Ooredoo Shop Staff to register you for Ooredoo Mobile Money. Registration is absolutely FREE of cost and takes only a few minutes to complete.

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International Transfers with MoneyGram

International Transfers with MoneyGram

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International Transfers with Ooredoo Exchange

International Transfers with Ooredoo Exchange

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Ooredoo Money App – Transfer money to Kenya using Ooredoo Money

Download Ooredoo Money App and send money instantly on the go.
Available for iOS and Android.

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Ooredoo Mobile Money has announced that customers can now send money directly to M-Pesa Wallet accounts in Kenya from their mobile phones through an agreement with the African transfer service and Moneygram.  

Alternatively, customers can also send money with Ooredoo Mobile Money via MoneyGram to chosen recipients, who can then collect cash at more than 940 key locations in Kenya.

The decision to enable money transfers to M-Pesa Wallets in Kenya was made to offer more choices to mobile money customers, as it continues to become one of Ooredoo’s most popular services, according to a statement.

Several new direct transfer locations have become available in 2014, including Sri Lanka bank accounts, as the company continues to make the service bigger, faster and better than ever before, the statement adds.

Ooredoo Mobile Money customers sending money abroad to Kenya can enjoy “one of the best” exchange rates in Qatar and a competitive fee. Ooredoo Mobile Money is an instant, safe, convenient and cost-effective way to handle money transfers and other mobile-based transactions.

New customers can register for free for mobile money by visiting any Ooredoo shop or by dialling *140# and entering their QID#. Once registered, customers can deposit money into their Mobile Wallet via the more than 200 Ooredoo self-service machines or through any Ooredoo shop.

For international transfers, customer should add a few beneficiary details such as name, location and mobile or bank account numbers only once to start transferring money directly from their mobile to a country of their choice. Visit any Ooredoo shop or for more details.

Once the transfer is completed, customers will receive their eight-digit MoneyGram reference number through SMS. The beneficiary must visit any MoneyGram location with a valid photo ID card to receive the cash. For bank transfers, money will be automatically credited to the beneficiary’s bank account number.

With Ooredoo Mobile Money, customers can transfer money domestically and internationally to more than 339,000 MoneyGram agents in 200 countries, including the Philippines, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and more.