How to Stop a Download from Opening Automatically in Google Chrome

I bought an all singing all dancing gaming computer recently, SSD OS drive, uber quick gaming graphics card – the works. The built it up with Windows 8.1 Pro and my choice of internet browser which is Google Chrome. Everyone has there own way of building their PCs so I was downloading files left right and center.

As I was downloading withing google chrome I downloaded and EXE file that installs a skin for a game I play, I miss clicked “open this type of file each time I download” and set it to always open – thought ill disable that later.

Few hours later I had pop ups galore as every time I downloaded something it automatically opened and installed whatever rubbish was packaged with the installable. Time to disable Google Chrome from opening downloads automatically.

To to this select the menu button in Chrome > Settings.

Then scroll to the very bottom of the screen and select Advanced Settings. You will then see as in the image below an option to clear auto-opening settings, click this button.

Now no downloads will open once they have completed in Google Chrome.

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