Step 1: Welcome to the Xbox Sign-In Solution

Ready to sign in to Xbox? If you’re new to Xbox and don’t have a Microsoft account or gamertag yet, don’t worry—we’ll walk you through it. First, let us know if you’re signing in to Xbox on a console or on a mobile or PC device:

Step 2: Sign in to your Xbox console

There are two ways to sign in to your Xbox console. You can sign in directly on the console, using your controller to enter your information. Or, if you prefer to use a keyboard, you can sign in remotely using a mobile or PC device. Which method do you prefer?

Step 3: Sign in using another device

After you select Use another device on the Sign in screen, you will be given a URL and a code to use. Open this web site on your phone or computer, and then enter the code you were given. This will allow you to sign in to your console without having to enter your information using the Xbox controller.

Note If the Xbox Live service is unavailable, you will not be able to sign in using this method until the service is restored. Select Xbox Live Service is Unavailable below to learn more about what you can do on your console while the service is down.

Step 4: Sign in

Do you already have an existing Xbox account with a gamertag?

Step 5: Sign in

Use your existing Microsoft account to sign in. Be sure to use the email address and password associated with your Xbox gamertag (if you use a different Microsoft account, a completely new gamertag will be created when you sign in).

If you aren’t sure which email address is the right one to use, the Lost Account Solution can help you find the email address that goes with your current Xbox gamertag.

If you need help resetting your Microsoft account password, use the Lost Password Solution.

Step 6: You’re signed in!

Once you’re signed in, you can close the browser on your device.

Note If you are in the process of setting up a new Xbox console using the System Set Up Solution, you can close this window now and return to that solution to complete the setup process. The console will automatically sign you in and you can continue setting up your account preferences on the console. If you have already set your preferences on another Xbox console using this account, you can choose to have those same settings immediately applied to this console as well.