How To Send Money From Mpesa To Airtel Money

Wondering on how to send money from Mpesa to Airtel Money? Well, this is not a complex process as it was before. Thanks to the interoperability of mobile phone financial services which was launched last year. Interoperability allows the transfer of money to different mobile money networks in real-time, at low cost, and in a secure environment.

With the launch of interoperability, Mpesa users can send money to Airtel Money using the steps highlighted below.

How To Send Money From Mpesa To Airtel Money

1. On your phone Dial *234*1*8#

2. You will get a Pop up of Mpesa Tuma Popote and then enter the recipient’s Airtel Mobile number  ( make sure the number is registered for mobile money services)

3. Enter the amount you would like to send

4. You will get a pop up to confirm if the transaction details are correct

5. Enter Your Mpesa PIN to complete the transaction

6. You will then receive a transaction confirmation message from Mpesa

Mpesa Transfer Charges To Airtel Money 

​​ Range​​ Charges
​​1- 49​​N/A
​​50 – 100​​N/A
​​101- 500​​11
​​501- 1,000​​15
​​1001- 1,500​​26
​​1,501- 2,500​​41
​​2,501 – 3,500​​56
​​3,501- 5,000​​61
​​5,001- 7,500​​77
​​7,500- 10,000​​87
​​10,0001- 15,000​​97
​​15,001- 20,000​​102
​​20,001- ​​ 35,000​​105
​​35,0001- ​​ 50,000​​105
​​50,001- 70,000​​105

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