The MoI highlighted the importance of showing the ID cards at the … to the General Directorate of Passports and get lost ID card replaced.


  1. Fill out the online application form.
  2. Identify persons for whom you want to replace lost IDs.
  3. Attach all required documents, including recent photos of applicants.
  4. Select delivery option.
  5. Pay fees online.
  6. Applicants will be notified when the documents are ready for pickup or delivery.

Required Documents

  1. Completed application form
  2. Recent Photograph

Office Locations & Contacts

Ministry of Interior

Corniche Road 8895

Doha, Qatar

Phone: + 974 44330000


Fax: + 974 44322927

Website: by Google


An applicant over the age of 18 can access this service for his dependents.

Male applicants can also apply on behalf of:

  • Sons and unmarried daughters
  • Brothers and unmarried sisters
  • Grandchildren except for married females (children of sons only)
  • Nephews / Nieces except for married females (children of brothers only)
  • Wives
  • Wives of sons
  • Wives of brothers

Dependents between 12 and 65 years of age are required to provide additional biometrical data at a Ministry of Interior kiosk before the application can be fully processed.


The application fee for a replacement QID card is QR200 per card. The e-government fee is QR 250 for five years. The e-gate fees are QR100 for one year, QR150 for two years or QR200 for three years.


ID cards are valid for five years for citizens younger than 16 years old, and 10 years for citizens older than 16.

Documents to Use

Need for the Document

Qatar National ID cards are credit-card sized plastic cards displaying a photo of the holder plus basic personal information. It is mandatory for residents and citizens to have one.

In case of loss, citizens may request for a replacement online.

Information which might help

Ministry of Interior

Hours of Operation

Sun Thur 7 am 1 pm

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

Many bureaucratic procedures requires an applicant to present their ID Cards, such as applying for driving licences, opening bank accounts and also to gain admission to licensed premises.

External Links

  • Qatar eGovernment Portal!ut/p/c5/rY5JdqMwAAXP4gPEEggwXmLADTRiEphhw2NymG3CaE7fyQHSm-TX_leBCHzSJ0v1nkzVo09aEICIi88mL1I8D_-YuoygSgT1YuArBV0EfBBAJib166nuze7Uu725taMbqbdiSYbEtV9EuhqGnq2uixFOI2w0rI4bfqfei2HHreWOm0aFZ7znljWRMrgIomZ7OAek6D__o68C-M0ECEIQnb4tRAi4Pygcz9TtassCVswPJzz836XRv-rSQFSl3XHNuiM8IoY5QcQykGVohkaIA74e0qw0aoIk3OLNceaRY5_2KpOrY9tmdw_EaqG9Wc1iiXKIVCRNzuy13xfD7Kul5FrZW5D6RpM1URjCx8V7m1-2Ii4f01qR3WvaIWin8W_J9mNu7ZMi2dTwiLfbs4Ul4ki-RDea08ysP8HQlJW6pWSlTKuxH_T2ntIsEdr5kmyMl3eTmO81L2j5Mo3CARjKoyvAs1uqu_EFc_gHbh3fdQ!!/dl3/d3/L2dBISEvZ0FBIS9nQSEh/?locale=en

  • Ministry of Interior

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