Registration for KCSE exams

To seat for KCSE, one need to be a holder of valid KCPE certificate or KCPE equivalent for students with foreign education. Students with qualification from other countries will need to equate their certification (Foreign candidates must sit for the KCSE qualifying exam a year before registering sitting for the examination to get KNEC equation letter).

Candidate must enter a minimum of 7 subjects and maximum of 9 subjects.

Registrations for KCSE are done via by Principals of the various Schools for Students in their Schools. Private Candidates registrtion are through the County Education Officers.

Registering to repeating KCSE exams is allowed; those registering for 7 subjects and above can repeat as many times as possible as long as they meet the entry requirements and their results will be graded accordingly. Repeaters taking less than 7 subjects must however sit for KCSE wihin two years preceding the year of their last siting. Candidates registering for less than 7 subjects will get a supplementary certificate that will only show the subjects attempted (this will not alternate the initial mean grade scored) and they will only be allowed to repeat twice in the 2 subsequent years following the 1st attempt.

Registration for KCSE examinations Candidates who are Physically or Mentally Challenged are also facilitated. Assistance needed by the candidate during the exam is usually stated during the registration.

Timelines:  Dependent on number of Courses taken with a maximum of 9 days if taking the maximum 9 subjects (Usually spread on different days of October and November depending on the academic year

Registration of Candidates

Registration of candidates for the KNEC examinations is based on the Regulations and Syllabuses for specific examination which give the guidelines and procedures required for the registration of candidates.
After all the information for the candidates has been keyed online, heads of institutions/schools MUST re-check the online report thoroughly to ensure that it is accurate. The head institution must then download the list of candidates, sign and stamp on the space provided and indicate all other details required in the nominal roll after verification. Registration for KCSE exams
The Ministry of Education will remit examination fees for all KCPE and KCSE candidates for both private and public schools. However the following candidates will be required to pay examination fees:-

  • KCPE and KCSE private candidates
  • Candidate in prisons
  • Teacher Education candidates
  • Business and Technical examinations candidates

The Registration of the mentioned KNEC examinations is done online.

Registration Of Candidates with Special Needs

The Kenya National Examinations Council has categorized the candidates with special needs as follows:-

    • Visually impaired – low vision and blind candidates
    • Hearing impaired candidates
    • Physically challenged candidates
    • Mentally Challenged candidates

Information on the above candidates giving details of index number, subjects and degree of impairment must be captured during registration.Depending on the degree of impairment, the Council will facilitate the candidates appropriately upon receipt of supporting evidence from competent medical authority.

For Candidate Registration visit click the button below:OUR PORTALS

All Examination fees must be paid through any of the following banks:-

  1. Co-operative Bank.
  2. National Bank of Kenya.
  3. Equity Bank.
  4. Kenya Commercial Bank.

A candidate is considered duly registered after fulfilling the following:

  1. Candidate’s details are successfully uploaded onto the registration platform for the specific examination.
  2. The subjects are duly selected as per subject cluster as stipulated in the regulations governing the specific examination.
  3. Payment of fees where applicable (examination fees is not refundable or transferable to another candidate nor to another year)
  4. Submission of all the candidates’ registration materials to KNEC

For more information call Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020

Or visit nearest Huduma Centre

Or Contact:The Kenya National Examinations Council National Housing Corporation House, Aga Khan Walk 020-3317412, 3317413, 3317419