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How to Register to Vote in Sri Lanka

ජනාධිපතිවරණය 2019 ට අදාල ගෙවීම් චක්‍රලේඛය “බාගත කිරීම්” මෙනුවේ “2019 ජනාධිපතිවරණයට අදාල” චක්‍රලේඛ ලැයිස්තුවෙන් 

Every Voter who is registered in the Electoral Register gets qualified to cast vote at Presidential Elections, Parliamentary Elections, Provincial Councils Elections,


  1. You register as a voter in the place where you are residing on June 1 of the relevant year. Being a resident is essential for the registration as an elector. You may not register simply because you are the owner of the house (if the property is being rented out) or the building (in case of a commercial property), it is important that you are residing in that place.
  2. The Enumerator (Village level Government officer / Grama Niladari) appointed by the Registering Officer of the respective district will provide the Chief occupant of each house a Registration form (BC form).
    Note: The Enumerator will fill up the counter foil which is attached to the registration form (BC form) which will be handed over to the chief occupant.
  3. The Chief occupant will need to sign the counter foil & give it back to the Enumerator to certify that the registration form (BC form) has been received from the Enumerator.
  4. The Chief occupant of each household has to fill all required information in the registration form (BC form).
  5. The completed registration form (BC form) will be collected by the Enumerator.
  6. The names to be deleted from and included in the valid register are exhibited at the Grama Niladhari Offices, Local Authorities, Divisional Secretariats and Elections Offices, during the period of exhibition of names to be included in and omitted from the electoral register, generally in the months of September / October. The draft of the register will also be posted online (Election Commission’s website) during such period. Information can be obtained through the website and the Government Information Center (1919) or Tell Commissioner as well as through the face book during the period of election.
  7. Registration of a voter is valid for one year only. You will need to re-register every year.

Required Documents

  • Completed application form
  • No supporting documents are required for registration of voters.

If someone has filed an objection to your application to be a voter, you will be called for an interview. For this interview the following supporting documents will be required.

  • Birth certificate
  • National identity card
  • Declaration statement from Grama Niladari

Office Locations & Contacts

Election Commission
Elections Secretariat,
P.O. Box 02, Sarana Mawatha,
Rajagiriya, 10107, Sri Lanka
0112868441 | 0112868442
Fax: 0112868426

Note: Only 0112868443 has automated attendant feature – i.e. If you know the extension number, without the operator’s assistance you can dial the extension number from your phone.

Elections District Offices


  • Must be a citizen of Sri Lanka.
  • Must have attained the age of 18 years on the date of registration for the relevant register. Note: June 1st is considered as the registration date
  • Must not have been found or declared to be of unsound mind under any law in force.
  • Must not have been serving or not served imprisonment during the immediate proceeding seven years.
  • Must be an ordinary resident at the relevant address on the operative date.
  • No person is entitled to have his/her name entered or retained in more than register or more than once in the same register.

Note: If the above qualification requirements are not met, your application to be a voter will be rejected.


All services are provided free of charge


Registration of a voter is valid for only one year. Therefore the voters have to register annually.

Sample Documents

Application Forms:

  • BC Form Revision of Electoral Register: Form distributed to the chief occupants by the enumerators.
  • A Form: Application form to be submitted by a person on inclusion or keeping own name on the electoral Register
  • B Form: Application form to be submitted by a claimer on behalf of other person on inclusion or keeping that particular persons name on the electoral Register
  • C Form: Application form for objection on Inclusion or keeping a name on Electoral register.
  • D Form: Application form for inclusion a claimer’s name on Electoral Register

External Links

Government Information Centre – Sri Lanka
Election Commission

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