How to Register as a Voter in Sierra Leone

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Let us learn how How to Register as a Voter in Sierra Leone Elections in Sierra Leone are held on a national level to elect the president and the unicameral Parliament. Sierra Leone has a multi-party system, with two or three strong parties.

Both the president and the members of Parliament are elected for five-year terms. The Parliament has 124 members, 112 elected through plurality vote in single-member constituencies and 12 members elected by indirect vote.

An independent Electoral Commission, composed of a chairman and four commissioners, is selected by the president, subject to the approval of Parliament. The commission is responsible for voter registration and elections and referenda. and the registration of both voters and political parties. There must also be an independent Political Parties Registration Commission, made up of four members chosen by the president.

Voters must be 18 years old and of sound mind. Voting is by secret ballot.

The last election was held on the 7th of March, 2018. How to Register as a Voter in Sierra Leone


  1. During the 15-day registration period, go to the designated registration area and manifest your intention to be registered as a voter.
  2. Make sure that you are eligible to be registered as a voter and can show documents as proof of your nationality, age and residence.
  3. Provide the registrar with all the information they will need to register your name.
  4. Have your photo taken and your fingerprints collected.

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Required Documents

Anyone who wishes to be registered as voter may do so without the need of presenting any documents. In cases where the applicant’s eligibility, or identity, or residential status of the applicant is in doubt, the Registrar may request him/her to provide any of the following evidences:

  • Proof of Nationality: a National ID card, a Sierra Leonean passport, birth certificate, certificate of naturalisation or affidavit indicating Sierra Leonean nationality.
  • Proof of Age: a National ID card, a Sierra Leonean passport, Drivers License birth certificate or affidavit indicating age.
  • Proof of Residence: Local tax receipt, bills of public utilities, or affidavit indicating residence.

Non-documentary proof of identity and eligibility can also be submitted by the applicant when they cannot produce any of the above documents. The Registrar may also accept the declaration of the following people:

  • Paramount Chief
  • Tribal Head
  • Town Chief
  • Section Chief
  • Village Head
  • Religious Leader
  • Head of Educational Institution
  • Councillor

Office Locations & Contacts

National Electoral Commission


All of the following must be met by the applicant to register as a voter:

  • A citizen of Sierra Leone by law
  • Aged 18 years old and above
  • Of sound mind (Those who have been committed to a mental asylum or legally declared to be insane are not allowed to register)
  • Not imprisoned for conviction of a crime or under death sentence;
  • An ordinary resident in the area where he/she wishes to register. Any one temporarily living in an area cannot register in that area. However, voters wishing to transfer their registration from one polling centre to another where they are now permanently resident may do so.


The Biometric Voter Registration process is carried out over a 15-day period per ward per phase and 4-phases. Schedule of registration will be announced by the National Electoral Commission. Registration will commence daily at 8am and will end at 5pm from Monday to Sunday throughout the 15-day period in each ward.

Need for the Document

An electoral roll is a list of all those registered to vote, in a particular place. The Government of Sierra Leone completes this list through the use of a Biometric Voter Registration System. A photo of the voter along with his/her fingerprints will be collected during registration, this will prevent anyone from registering twice and follows the National Electoral Commission’s ‘one person, one vote’ policy.

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