HOW TO Redeem Bonga Points

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Redeem Bonga Points

Bonga Points can be redeemed for rewards ranging from Talk-time (Minutes), Data, SMS and MMS bundles to Merchandise redeemable at any Safaricom Retail Centre countrywide. Redeem your Bonga Points by dialling *126#

Merchandise redeemable

Flexi Bonga

Shopping for a new phone or tablet just got better. Make use of your Bonga Points and save some cash. Flexi Bonga allows you to redeem your Bonga points to pay for Phones and Tablets at any Safaricom Shop. This means that you have the choice to pay for items on offer even if they are not on the Bonga Matrix list. You can decide to pay half the amount in cash and the other half using Bonga Points. Dial *126*7# to view the different phones and tablets available among other hot deals.Get answers for Flexi Bonga and everything Safaricom.Redeem your Bonga PointsDIAL *126#

Fly with Bonga

Discover the new way to travel. You can now redeem your Bonga Points and earn Kenya Airways tickets for domestic flights.

For as little as 40,000 Bonga Points you can now get a return ticket to Mombasa.

You can also redeem points for tickets to Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret and Malindi. Do more with Bonga Points and get to your destination in a breeze! Redeem your Bonga Points by dialing *126#

 Economy ClassBusiness Class
Domestic One Way Ticket e.g. Mombasa – Nairobi28,000 56,000
Domestic Return Ticket e.g. Eldoret – Nairobi – Eldoret40,00080,000
Domestic One Way Ticket via Nairobi e.g. Kisumu – Nairobi – Malindi56,000 112,000
Domestic Return Ticket via Nairobi e.g. Eldoret – Nairobi – Mombasa – Nairobi – Eldoret80,000 160,000

For more information, contact the KQ Sales office or the Safaricom Customer Care team.Get answers for Fly with Bonga and everything Safaricom.Redeem your Bonga PointsDIAL *126#

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