There are two ways to pay KRA penalties; through bank and via MPESA.Paying through MPESA is fast and convenient but when the penalties are high, it’s good to pay through the bank. pay KRA penalties via MPESA

How to pay KRA Penalties through the bank

  • Enter your username/PIN and password to log in to your iTax account on this page.
  • Go to the menu dashboard and select “payment registration”
  • You can then select the special residential rental income tax return form (if that is the tax obligation that drew the fine).
  • Click the “Download” button and print the form(If you want to fill the form manually)
  • Alternatively, can fill it online and make payments against it using MPESA or KRA affiliated banks.
  • Complete the residential rental income tax return from.
  • Ensure the mandatory fields in the form are accurately filled with relevant information.
  • Click Send button to send the completed form to KRA.
  • For those who have manually filled the document after download it, scan and upload the finished document manually, simply to the KRA portal.
  • You will receive an electronic slip from KRA after submission of the completed form.
  • You can then embark on your preferred payment method after verifying the information contained in the KRA e-payment slip generated by KRA.

Before starting the payment process, make sure that all the information on the KRA generated electronic slip is accurate. On the generated electronic slip you will get a “Payment registration number”. This number is important since it is the one used as your account number while making payments in both the banks and Mpesa.

How to pay KRA penalties via bank

  • Present the e-slip number to KRA affiliated Banks.
  • The bank will confirm the validity and consistency of e-slip details and accept your tax payment.
  • Make (ksh500 is charged by most banks for Cash payments or Ksh 350 for bank transfers, however, the figure may vary from bank to bank).
  • You will receive a payment confirmation advice from the bank and your iTax details will be updated.
  • Real-time confirmation of the transaction is then sent to KRA on the transaction
  • Keep the advice from the bank as proof of payment of your penalties.

How to pay KRA penalties  via Mpesa

  • Go to your Mpesa Menu
  • Choose Lipa na Mpesa
  • Next, go to Paybill and enter Kenya Revenue Authority Mpesa Account Number: 572572 as a business number
  • Enter the Payment Registration Number ( you have received from electronic slip)as your account number
  • Enter the amount you want to pay
  • Enter your Mpesa pin and press OK
  • You will receive a transaction confirmation message from Mpesa.
  • KRA will also send a confirmatory message okaying the transaction.

KRA penalties can result from delay in remitting tax or tax evasion.