How to Obtain a Pet Passport (Import Export or Transport Pet) in United Kingdom

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The dachshund Dante with his new pet passport in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen, Denmark, today Friday, Oct. 1, 2004. New "pet passports" for dogs, cats and ferrets travelling between EU countries come into force Friday. They prove that the animals have been vaccinated against rabies, and replace 25 national documents. (AP Photo / Polfoto, Kim Nielsen) ** DENMARK OUT **

Exporting Pets Living in the United Kingdom All dogs, cats and ferrets leaving the UK must be microchipped, vaccinated for rabies (in that order) and wait 21 days before leaving the country. You should also ask your veterinarian for an EU Pet Passport if you intend to return to the UK.


  1. Pet Passports can be obtained from certain vets in EU countries, certain EU territories and some non-EU countries. If your vet doesnt issue pet passports, ask them where can you get one, or contact the Animal and Plant Health Agency.
  2. Youll need to bring your pet, its identity and vaccination records and any rabies blood test results (if you have them) when you get a pet passport.

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Required Documents

  • Vaccination records
  • Rabies blood test results (if you have them)

Office Locations & Contacts

Animal & Plant Health Agency

Animal movement licensing
Telephone: 03000 200 301
For customers in Scotland and Wales, contact your local Field Services Office

British Embassy or High Commission – Offices


The passport is only valid if you meet the entry requirements. You dont need to get a new style passport (issued from 29 December 2014) until all the treatment spaces are full.

Need for the Document

This procedure provides you information on how you can obtain a Pet Passport.

Information which might help

Before you travel: Check if your vet has filled in the following sections in the pet passport:

  • details of ownership – you must sign section I if your pet passport was issued on or after 29 December 2014
  • description of animal
  • marking or identification of animal
  • vaccination against rabies
  • rabies blood test (if needed)
  • details of the vet issuing the passport (for passports issued from 29 December 2014)
  • your dogs tapeworm treatment (if needed)

Other uses of the Document/Certificate

  • Pet passports list the different treatments your pet has had.
  • You can enter or return to the UK with your pet cat, dog or ferret if it:
    • has been microchipped
    • has a pet passport or third-country official veterinary certificate
    • has been vaccinated against rabies – it will also need a blood test if youre travelling from an unlisted country

External Links
Animal & Plant Health Agency

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