How to make Money from your 360label music

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Monetize your Spotify song with 360label music

Have you spent hours making an awesome song? Watched followers slowly roll in month over month? Ever wonder if you could get paid for being great at making song? Good news, you can!
have royaltie from 360label music.

360label is a platform that allows artist, creators, podcasters, etc users to monetize their song. Song owners review tracks sent to them by talented artists all over the world. Artist curators make anywhere from $275.86-$300.0 USD for each per 1,000 stream. The best part about it? Upon signup you have been given free 30 minutes to upload songs. So start getting paid for your playlists.

Getting paid

There are very few services that allow you to effectively monetize your song. Usually song owners are harassed by labels, artists and managers to place tracks on their lists. This happens everyday and it puts song owners in a awkward situation. Some song owners even accept compensation to place tracks on their list. We highly discourage you doing this because it is against 360label terms of service. This could compromise your entire account and you risk losing the playlists you worked so hard to grow.
Increase your following and music quality

The best part about using 360label is that fact that you don’t compromise the quality or integrity of your song. They send tracks that are of high quality from music producers and artist’s who take their careers seriously. We encourage our Song curators and artist’s to connect with each other via social media and grow together. 360label will integrate directly to social media allowing artist’s to tweet out their placement or share the playlist they were adding to with their fanbase on Facebook or even through email.
Other methods

There are also other ways to monetize your song including offering your services to brands

Official 360 Label Website :

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