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How to Increase PlayStation 4 Download Speed full guide

Increase your PlayStation 4’s download speeds for games, movies, and other items. Taking advantage of simple Wi-Fi tricks which work for most Internet-connected items can improve marginally your PS4’s download speed, while changing your Internet settings by connecting to a different DNS server can make a huge difference in PS4 download speeds.

Using General Tricks

  1. 1Avoid downloading more than one item at once. As with any console, downloading multiple items at once will slow down the collective download speed for all items. You will achieve the best results by downloading items—particularly games—one at a time.
  2. 2Don’t play online while your download is active. Not only will playing online during an active download hinder your online experience due to lag, it will also slow down the item’s download speed.
  3. 3Pause and then resume your download. This is the download equivalent of turning off your computer and then turning it back on. If your download is taking a long time to initiate or proceed, pausing and then resuming it may increase the download speed.
  4. 4Check the terms of your Internet contract. The problem may be with your Internet service, not the console itself; for example, if you aren’t approved for download speeds above a certain capacity (e.g., 25 Mbps), your downloads may not get any faster than they already are.
    • Keep in mind that Internet speed is often measured in megabits per second, not megabytes per second. There are eight megabits in a megabyte, so a 25 Mbps connection is only allowing you to download ~3 megabytes per second.
    • Upgrading your plan or switching to a better Internet Service Provider will most likely fix any capacity problems.
  5. 5Check the limitations of your modem and router. Cheap modems and routers tend to distribute limited amounts of bandwidth; just because you’re paying for a certain download speed doesn’t mean you’re getting it. If your modem supports less bandwidth than does your Internet service, consider upgrading your equipment.
  6. 6Make sure your Wi-Fi network isn’t crowded. If you’re trying to download something on the same network as another device—be it a computer, a phone, or a console—your download speed will slow down as a result.
    • To solve this problem, try downloading when there’s no one else in the house and no extra Internet items on your network.
  7. 7Use an Ethernet connection. While the PS4 has a competent wireless Internet receiver, plugging your console directly into your router or modem will always increase your Internet connection speed. You’ll need an Ethernet cable to do so.
    • One end of your Ethernet cable should plug into the square port in the back of your PS4 while the other plugs into a similar port marked “Internet” on your modem or router. Ethernet cable ends are interchangeable.
  8. 8Update to the latest firmware. You’ll be prompted to install this firmware automatically when you connect your PS4 to the Internet. Ensuring that your PS4’s firmware is always up-to-date will help both your download speeds and your PS4’s overall functionality.

Part2Changing the Internet Settings

  1. 1Open Settings. Scroll up from the main menu, then scroll right until you select the briefcase-shaped Settings option and press X. This will open Settings.
  2. 2Select Network. This is near the “System Software Update” option.
  3. 3Select Set Up Internet Connection. You’ll find this close to the top of the Network menu.
  4. 4Select the appropriate network option. Your options include the following:
    • Use Wi-Fi – Select this if your console is connected to the Internet via wireless.
    • Use a LAN Cable – Select this if your console is connected to your modem via an Ethernet cable.
  5. 5Select Custom. This will allow you to manually change your DNS or MTU settings.
    • If you’re on a Wi-Fi network, you’ll have to select the network you want to set up at this point.
  6. 6Select Automatic. This will take care of the more complicated procedures for you.
  7. 7Select Do Not Specify. This will bypass another manual setup option.
  8. 8Select Manual when prompted. This option comes directly after the Do Not Specify one; it will allow you to edit your DNS IP addresses.[3]
  9. 9Edit your DNS settings. In this case, you’ll need to enter both a primary and a secondary IP address for your target DNS location. Popular DNS alternatives include the following options:[4]
    • Google – (“Primary” field); (“Secondary” field).
    • OpenDNS – (“Primary” field); (“Secondary” field).
    • Double-check your typing’s accuracy before continuing.
  10. 10Select Next. It’s at the bottom of the screen.
  11. 11Select Automatic. This is at the top of the “MTU Settings” section.
    • Do not lower your PS4’s MTU number; contrary to past experience, lowering the MTU number will no longer increase your PS4’s download speeds.
  12. 12Select Do Not Use. It’s at the top of the “Proxy Server” page.
  13. 13Try downloading an item. With the updated DNS settings, you should now be able to download items at a higher speed than which you were previously downloading.

Quick Speed Up Tips

Follow a few basic tips to improve your download speeds on any device—not just the PS4. Your internet connection shares its bandwidth among all your devices. Downloading a file on your laptop or streaming Netflix in 4K on another device can slow things down. For maximum speed, pause any other downloads and streams and let your PS4 consume all the bandwidth it wants.

Queuing up multiple downloads on your PS4 has a similar effect. The console has to share what bandwidth it has, so if you’re keen to get a particular download finished its best to pause your other transfers.

Finally, don’t play online games while downloading in the background. As you’ll see below, this will drastically limit your download speed. It’s also likely that the download itself will negatively impact your performance, introducing lag spikes and connection problems that can put you at a disadvantage.

Kill Any Running Apps

One of the quickest ways of increasing your download speed is to kill any running processes. We’ve seen this dramatically speed up downloads for ourselves, and all it takes are a few button presses:

  1. With the PS4 running, press and hold the PS button on the controller until you see a menu appear on-screen.
  2. Highlight “Close Application(s)” and tap X.

This tip has its roots in Juho Snellman’s blog post from 2017. The systems programmer discovered that the console’s “receive window” shrinks considerably whenever a game or other application is running.

Close PS4 App or Game

Sony likely engineered this behavior to give priority to games and other software, which is why you’re able to download items from PSN and still play online games. If you’re in a hurry for a download to complete you’re better off killing any running games or apps and doing something else for a bit.

Pause and Resume Your Download

Another tip that we’ve seen work for ourselves is pausing your download, then resuming it again. If it feels like your PS4 is dragging its heels over a large update or new game download, this tip might help move things along.

Pause and Resume PS4 Download

To do this, you’ll need to access the download queue under Notifications:

  1. Access the PS4 dashboard by pressing the PS button once.
  2. Tap “up” on the left joystick (or d-pad) to highlight Notifications, then tap X.
  3. You should see “Downloads” on the list, highlight it and tap X.
  4. Highlight the currently downloading item and tap X, then choose “Pause.”
  5. Tap X again on the highlighted download and choose “Resume.”

It will take a few moments for your download to start again, but this time around it should hopefully download even quicker and display a shorter estimated download time. You can try this multiple times, especially if you notice the speed dip again.

Put Your PS4 Into Rest Mode

If you have time to spare and you’re currently not using your PS4, Rest Mode can help improve the speed somewhat. For best results close all applications before you enable rest mode, as described at the start of this article.

Allow PS4 Internet Access While in Rest Mode

Before you put your PS4 into rest mode, you must enable background internet access so that your download will continue while your machine is in standby. Visit the PS4 Settings menu and scroll down to “Power Saving Settings” then tap X. Choose “Set Features Available in Rest Mode” and make sure you enable “Stay Connected to the Internet.”

Put PS4 into Rest Mode

Now you can put your PS4 into rest mode by holding the PS button on your controller, scrolling down to “Power” and choosing “Enter Rest Mode.” You will need to turn your PS4 on again to see the progress of your download.

Use a Wired Connection

Wireless networks can be slow and prone to interference. Even if you have a modern router, you cannot control the weather or your neighbor’s choice of wireless channel. For a far more stable network connection, ditch wireless altogether and use an Ethernet cable instead.

The original PS4 is notoriously bad for its wireless connection, but a wired connection will improve performance on both the Slim and Pro hardware revisions too. If your router is close to your console, this is an easy fix. You’ll find an Ethernet port on the back of all PS4 models, connect one end of a standard Ethernet cable to your console and the other to a free port on your router.

But what if your PS4 and router are in different rooms, or on different floors? Ethernet powerline adapters allow you to use the cables that are already in your walls. We’ve covered how to set up a powerline network in your own house in the past. Check out Review Geek’s recommendations for powerline network adapters for shopping ideas.

For many of us, wireless networks are the only option. The original PS4 model only supports 802.11b/g/n 2.4 GHz wireless, whereas the newer PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro models support dual-band 802.11ac on the 5 GHz band. While 2.4 GHz wireless has better wall penetrationthan dual-band 5GHz, the old standard is also slower and more susceptible to interference.

If you’re still keen to use a wireless connection, make sure you use 5GHz where possible. Ideally, the router and console should be in the same room, or as close as you can manage. Don’t forget to run a wireless scan to determine the best channels to use to avoid interference. Follow these tips to get a better wireless signal.

source WIKIHOW and HOW to GEEK

How to speed up PS4 downloads

Here’s how to speed up downloads on your PS4 using a proxy server. Say goodbye to slow PSN download speeds!

how to speed up ps4 downloads

While the PS4 is the top-selling console of this generation, it isn’t without its flaws – and any PlayStation gamer reading this will already know what we’re referring to. That’s right, the big issue plaguing gamers is slow download speeds on the PS4, regardless of internet connection. 

But that’s where we come in. Here, we explain why the PS4 is behind the competition in terms of download speeds, and how you can speed up your PS4 downloads using a proxy – and don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds! 

Why are PS4 downloads so slow?

The biggest question is; why are PS4 download speeds so slow? It seems that no matter how fast your home broadband is, PS4 downloads are much slower than those on Xbox One and PC. While some gamers can download games on PC in little over 20 minutes, it’s not irregular for the same game, on the same network, to take hours to download on the PS4.

Over the years, many tips have appeared online to speed up PS4 downloads, including but not limited to:

  • Setting your DNS to Google’s DNS servers
  • Using an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi
  • Putting your console in rest mode when downloading
  • Making sure nobody else is downloading large files on your home network
  • Avoid playing online games while downloading 

While these steps may slightly increase the speed of your download, the real reason for slow speeds is due to how the PS4 is designed to download data from PSN. The flaw is that the PS4 can’t download huge chunks of data at once, and PSN has to ‘wait’ for the PS4 to organise the data as it downloads. There’s a thread on Reddit that explains it really well for those that want to know more.

The good news is that there is a way to actually speed up PS4 download speeds, and all you need is a PC, proxy server software and your PS4 to do it.

Speed up PS4 downloads using a proxy server

The key is to set up a proxy server on your PC that your PS4 can use to download data from PSN, which should provide a much-needed boost to download speeds on the PS4. Simply follow these instructions:

  1. Download and install CCProxy on your PC – you can opt for the paid version if you want, but you only need the free version for the purpose of this tutorial.
  2. Open CCProxy and click Stop to stop the proxy (it starts automatically upon opening).
  3. Click Options and locate the HTTP/RTSP protocol listing; change the corresponding IP in the dropdown menu from to your local IP (there should only be one other option).
  4. Make a note of the IP and Port Number from the HTTP listing.
  5. On your PS4, head to Settings > Network > Set Up Internet Connection and select your preferred connection type (Ethernet or Wi-Fi – just make sure it’s on the same network as your PC).
  6. Select Set Up Manually, and select Auto for all options apart from the Proxy.
  7. Input the IP and Port Number you noted down earlier.
  8. Save your connection settings.

And that’s it! Your PS4 should now download games and updates from PSN much faster than before, with speeds reflecting what you pay your ISP to provide. The only catch? Your PS4’s internet connection will only run from the proxy on your PC, so you’ll have to have the software running whenever you want to download games or connect to the internet on your PS4.

A fix for this is to only use the proxy when you have large updates or new games to download, and to revert to automatic settings for general gameplay. Either way, it’s a small price to pay for greatly improved PS4 download speeds!

If you want to test your new download speeds, why not take a look at our recommendations of the best PS4 games?

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