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How to get instant feedback on your WordPress posts?

Writing a blog may not be a tough task for a lot of people, but attracting readers to comment on your blog may be. When you write a blog or an article you put your all efforts that readers like it. Users feedback and comments are something you and your confidence feed on.

Let us try to understand through some simple points why you need to encourage the feedback on your posts:

  • It helps to increase your social presence. More comments on your article make it more popular.
  • It helps in developing a healthy user relationship. The feedback and comments give you a chance to understand your users.
  • The user wants to be taken care of his interests. User feedback provides them an opportunity for that, and it increases the user commitment towards your articles.
  • User Feedback is a direct measure of how well you are doing. It gives you an idea how your post is being received by the audience.

Now, this is a proven thing that user comments are so important to your posts, but they are not so easy to earn. Let us have a look at some points which can help you in getting instant feedback on your article.

Check the settings

First of all, you need to check the settings of your blog. Have you made it easy for the users to reach your post? It is a thing of prime importance as it can bar the users to comment on your article. WordPress has a feature of limiting the people who can comment on your article. Go to the comment settings options and set your priorities in a way that the users can easily comment on your blog.

Don’t force registration

It is something that may frustrate the readers.  It makes it difficult for the users to comment. Most of the users do not really feel comfortable with the registration process in order to simply post a feedback on the post. Make it hassle free for your users to post a comment by avoiding the registration.

Provide instructions

Do not make it look difficult for the users to give their feedback. Give proper instructions in your post so that first time users can easily comment. It may need some technical support for adding instructions but once you do it it ensures you a rise in the number of comments you receive on your post.

Position the feedback section properly

In WordPress themes, it is a common thing that you have to scroll down a lot to the comment section to post your comment. While it is an important aspect to make it easy for the users to find the comment section easily. You can link the comment section at the very end of your article so that the users do not find it messy to give their feedback.

Focus on content

Write good content that is more relevant. Make it more interesting and informative. Do not give too many options in single post. It shifts the user attention and confuse the users. Just go through your post and make sure it is written in a way to achieve your goals and at the same time fits into the user expectations.

Use open questions in your post

This is one of the best options to engage the readers. It is good to ask the users for their opinion. Ask an open-ended question at the end of your article. Make sure it is a question which needs some explanation and doesn’t end with a simple yes or no. The aim should be to prompt people to comment and trigger a discussion within the comments. It will also increase the reach and popularity of your post.

Use your email list

Your email list may prove to be a useful companion in this regard. The email subscribers are more likely to give the feedback on your article. Email your list and ask the subscribers to give feedback on your post.

Ask for a feedback

You can also ask for the user feedback at the end of your article. You can use the phrase like “what are your thoughts about it?” or “Would you like to share your opinion?” etc. It will give the users a sense of feeling that you care about their thoughts. It may inspire the reader to give an instant feedback on your article.

Acknowledge the comments

It is important to respond to the user comments to increase the number of feedbacks on your post. It also helps in making your site popular in general. Your response to feedback can start a conversation and contribute to building a community.

Admire the user comments

What you say in response to a comment makes a big difference in the way the user feels about your online community. Your opinion about the user comments is reflected by the words you choose to revert. If you make the users feel good about their comments then it will enable the users to comment more often.

Accept the conflicting views

You have to accept the comments which do not agree with your views. You need to welcome different opinions. You have to accept the fact that everyone has a different experience and different view of thinking. It doesn’t conclude that someone is right or wrong. So you should appreciate the comments with a different opinion and make people think that you care about what they think.

Use Social Media

Once you have done with the basic parameters and posted your article, you can think of the promoting your post. You can use different social media platforms to promote your post and make it reach to a large number of audience. Wider reach will help you to get instant feedbacks on your article.

The comments and feedbacks on your posts are a great way to get closer to the audience. They serve in a much wider way than just being the vanity metrics. So, you can focus on the above-given points and get the instant and increased number of comments on your posts.Do you know that you can buy/sell websites, web-based businesses or domain names on Worth Of Web Academy?

Thanks for reading!

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