How to Get a Dog License in Kenya

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REQUIREMENTS FOR IMPORTING PETS (DOGS & CATS) PERMIT/LICENCE. Pets. The Kenya Embassy in Israel issues Import Permits under Kenya’s Animal


  • The Dog License is a legal requirement for all dogs over 6 months of age.
  • They are required to be current on their rabies vaccination. In most cases a rabies vaccination is given around 14 -16 weeks after birth
  • Make sure you have obtain a valid certificate of vaccination which is a prerequisite document for the application of a dog licence

Apply In person

Step 1: Apply for dog licence

Step 2: Premise inspection

  • This Form 1 will be forwarded by the Director of Veterinary services to the City Ward Veterinary in charge of your residential area who are licensed to carry out inspection for dog licensing within the City.
  • Once Form 1 has reached the Ward Vet, they will contact you to make an appointment for inspection.
  • During the inspection they check your rabies vaccination books, your fencing, dog shelter, water and how you dispose of faeces. With a view to animal welfare and neighbourly behaviour.
  • Once this is done the Inspecting officer will fill out Part II of Form 1 in duplicate. One copy will be left with you and the other will go back with the inspecting officer to the Vet Ward Office where it will be signed and forwarded to the County Council Dog Pound for processing.

Step 3: Issuance of dog licence

  • Once the form has been processed, the County Council Dog Pound will contact you to give you payment details.

(i). Issuing of dog licence Ksh. 2,000
(ii). Issuing of an identification, tag licence Ksh. 1,000
(iii). Issuing of a duplicate dog licence Ksh. 1,000
(iv). Issuing of a duplicate identification tag licence Ksh. 500

Note: No licence fee shall be paying respect of an application for a licence for any dog kept by a disabled person or used for the purpose of guiding a disabled person.

  • Once the payment is received (by the pound) you will be will issued the license.

Note: The Relevant department shall keep a register of all dog licences.

Required Documents

  1. A valid certificate of vaccination issued by a veterinary surgeon to the effect that the dog in respect of which the licence is applied has been inoculated against rabies
  2. Appropriate licence fee receipt.
  3. Copy of national ID/ Passport.

Office Locations & Contacts

Directorate of Veterinary Services
State Department of Livestock
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries
P.O Private Bag, Kangemi 00625 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: 020 – 8043441
Website: MOA


  • All dog Owners
  • Any person whose premises a dog is found or whose premises a dog is known to frequent, unless that person can that the dog is not his, and was in his premises without consent.
  • The dog in respect should have been inoculated against rabies

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