How to File Tax Returns Online in Rwanda

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  1. To do the e-filing on-line, please use the following address http;// in the address column, from where the user can login.
  2. Each tax payer should have a username and password which should be used for logging in to the system.
  3. You would have to download an Annexure Formats, the details should be entered into the Annexure which will be in xls format.
  4. In the cls file there are validations in place which would check for the kind of data that is entered, which will then create a txt file example Sales.txt under fodler C:/RRA in the user’s local machine. if any of the rules are voilated the user will be informed about it, so it can be corrected.
  5. Also, enter the appropriate data into the system, you have to save and close.
  6. Through Upload Annexure link, the text file generated from Annexure templates can be uploaded. There are various text files to be uploaded along with the declaration depending upon the tax type such as Sales / Purchase / Customs/ Deductible VAT Reverse charges for VAT, Payroll for PAYE and EXCISE details.
  7. Through Submit Declaration link, users can submit the declaration if they have already entered declaration & uploaded text files. The two pre-requisites for submission are
    1. The declarations are entered.
    2. Annexure files are uploaded.
  8. This is the final stage, after which declarations cannot be modified. During submission, system checks whether all required annexure files have been uploaded and the tax amount from declaration and annexure files are matching. If any discrepancies found, system will not allow the user to submit the declaration. The status of declarations at this stage will be Submitted.
  9. When the declaration is submitted first time, it is identified as ORIGINAL in the e-Tax system.
  10. When the ORIGINAL return is required to be modified for any rectifications, it will be in REVISED mode for any number of revisions.

For more information use the following manual : More Info

Office Locations & Contacts

Phone: +(250) 577777
Fax:+(250) 577777
Website :
Following link provides you with more contact information : Revenue Department Contact information
You could also contact call center : 3004
E-mail :

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