How to Export of Goods in Rwanda

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  1. The Exporter should obtain documents from the Supplier/s then forwards the documents to the Clearing Agent
  2. Then the clearing agent sends an export declaration with supporting documents to the Customs Officer charged with exports.
  3. The Customs Officer then verifies both the Customs entry(declaration) and the attached supporting documents such as invoice, packing list, certificate of origin, certificate of quality to check the conformity on standards, etc.
  4. If there is no inconsistency and that the goods are not being exported contrary to the export control regulations, the Customs officer followed by issuance of receipt and acceptance of an entry in ASYCUDA ++ system.
  5. The officer will validate the release order, print and issue the exit note to the clearing Agent

Required Documents

  1. Bill of lading
  2. Commercial Invoice
  3. Customs export declaration form C17
  4. Packing List
  5. Shipping order
  6. Technical standard/health certificate
  7. Transit documents

Office Locations & Contacts

Rwanda Revenue Authority RRA,
Kimihurura Avenue du Lac Muhazi,
P. O. Box 3987 – Kigali
Telephone: +250 252595500
Toll free lines : 3004 (Call Center)


All Rwandan traders intending to sell goods outside of Rwanda.


  1. Nature of Export Procedures US$ Cost
  2. Documents preparation 450
  3. Customs clearance and technical control 175
  4. Ports and terminal handling 320
  5. Inland transportation and handling 2,300
  6. Totals 3,245


10 years

Documents to Use

EAC customs form C17


  • Export goods are accepted for carriage after Customs declaration has been prepared and submitted to Customs.
  • To facilitate this process, exporters often use a clearing agent.
  • Goods for exportation shall be entered using form C17 Form.
  • Goods for commercial use intended for export must be entered on Customs declaration.
  • The Customs procedure code to be entered will depend on the nature of the goods to be exported as per Customs Procedure Codes.

Required Information

  1. Exporters name
  2. Exporters address
  3. Exporters TIN/PIN
  4. Agents name
  5. Agents address
  6. Agents TIN processing/ clearing office
  7. Registration number
  8. Date
  9. Country of destination of goods
  10. Tax invoice value
  11. Financial and banking data
  12. Identity, Date and Nationality of means of transport at boarder.
  13. Office of entry
  14. Location of goods
  15. Packages and distribution of goods
  16. Calculation of duties.

Need for the Document

Exports of goods and services in Rwanda comprise all transactions between residents of Rwanda and the rest of the world involving a change of ownership from residents to nonresidents of general merchandise, net exports of goods under merchanting, non monetary gold, and services. Export of goods is managed by the Rwanda Revenue authority.

Information which might help

Rwanda prohibits the export of the following commodities

  • Narcotics
  • Arms and ammunitions
  • Pornography
  • Items infringing copyrights

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