How to Electricity Connection in Rural Areas in Kenya

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The study finds that demand falls rapidly as connection price increases, and that … to connect to the power grid on the demand for rural electrification in Kenya


  1. Apply and pay the necessary connection charges to REA.
  2. Wire the premise using licensed electrician and obtain a wiring certificate,
  3. Pay the meter deposit at Kenya power and lighting.
  4. The Customer obtain excavation permit from the county council and submits to REA.
  5. External connection is done, meter installation and electricity starts flowing.

Required Documents

  1. Bank pay slip showing payment of charges
  2. Wiring certificates
  3. Duly filled/signed/stamped supply contract form
  4. Copies of Kenya Identity Card
  5. PIN

Office Locations & Contacts

Head office
P.O Box 34585 -00100
6th floor chancery valley road
TELEPHONE +254204953000/3600
FAX +254202710944
MOBILE +254728482987/+254728482981
WEBSITE http:/ by Google


Any person seeking electricity connection on their property.


Varied according to the distance from the transformer.


Connection has no expiry date.


Visit the website to find the REA office in your county. Prepare all the required documents before starting the process.

Required Information

  • Type of applicant (individual or corporate).
  • Type of connection required
  • Full Names
  • Contact details
  • Location in terms of province, district and location

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