This page describes how to delete security info from your Microsoft account. Security info consists of an email address and/or phone number that you give to us, which we use to make sure you’re really you.

  1. In a web browser, sign in to your Microsoft account.
  2. On the Account screen, select Security contact info, and then select Update my info.
  3. We’ll send a security code via text or email to make sure you’re the account owner. Follow the instructions to enter that code.
  4. Before you remove an alternate email address or phone number, make sure you have one verified option that you can use. If you only have one option and are replacing it, add the new phone number or email address before removing the one currently on record.
  5. Select Remove next to the phone number or email address you want to remove.
  6. You’ll receive a notification at your existing email address or phone number. This is a precaution in case someone else made the change. If that happens, cancel the change by following the instructions shown.

Remove all your security informationIf you need to delete all of the phone numbers and email addresses that you’ve previously set up (for example, if you can’t access them anymore), see Update all of your Microsoft account security information.